How to Soothe Frequent Heartburn

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A painful, burning sensation in your chest, and a bitter, sour taste in your throat and mouth: Heartburn has struck again. It might last just a few minutes or up to a few hours, or it may ruin your whole day and keep you up at night. If you find yourself suffering through a bout of heartburn two or more days of the week, you might have frequent heartburn.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that for some people, making simple lifestyle changes like eating slowly, avoiding large meals and avoiding triggers like spicy or fatty foods may significantly reduce heartburn.

However, lifestyle changes don’t always work for everyone, notes Philip Katz, M.D., of Albert Einstein Medical Center and spokesperson for Nexium 24HR. He adds that some over-the-counter heartburn medications relieve symptoms only after they occur. 

To stop heartburn in its tracks, frequent heartburn sufferers might want to try Nexium 24HR.

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