Woman’s Head-to-Toe Health Problems

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Playing Woman’s Dental and Feet Conditions

Tina, 42, is a mother and grandmother who volunteers her time at the local school as a crossing guard. She says that about 10 years ago, she noticed her toenails beginning to thicken and curl into her skin. Over the years, the condition worsened, and now she says she experiences constant pain and difficulty walking. In addition, Tina says that although she’s always tried to take good care of her teeth, a lack of good dental insurance resulted in multiple extractions over the years. Now she says she has one remaining back tooth with which she can chew and fears that it also may need to be pulled. 

“I feel like I’m falling apart,” Tina says through tears.

Tina reached out to The Doctors for help, and they sent her to dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi and foot and ankle specialist Dr. Alireza Khoroabedi for consultations

“Tina’s mouth is one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen,” Dr. Maddahi says. He explains that as a result of all the extractions she has undergone, the point of reference for Tina’s bite is off, and her remaining back tooth is broken. He says she will need to have her entire mouth restored and offers to do the procedure for her, starting right after the show.

Dr. Khoroabedi says Tina’s feet are infected with fungus, and she has a severe bunion on her foot, which will require shaving and pinning of the bone. He adds that she is a perfect candidate for the procedure and says he will happily perform it for her.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds that both doctors have agreed to perform the necessary treatments for Tina free of charge, so she can use the $200 in change she has saved to do something special for herself. 

“You deserve it,” he says.