Is Your Dog Overweight?

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Playing Is Your Dog Overweight?

Kale Chips is anything but healthy. The 86-pound beagle weighs three times more than a healthy beagle should. Now in foster care, Kale Chips is on a strict diet and already has lost 4.8 pounds.

“You like to see your dog happy, but you are really doing your pet a disservice when you overfeed them and feed them the wrong things,” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says.

The Doctors explain that dogs can suffer many of the same health consequences from being overweight as humans. The extra weight is hard on the joints and can lead to arthritis, as well as hip dysplasia. Overweight dogs also are at risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.

“Keeping them thin is really important in trying to expand their life expectancy,” says OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton. “It’s not easy because a lot of dogs will just keep eating and eating and eating.”

You can follow Kale Chips’ progress on Instagram.

1/10/15: Kale Chips is ready for the first day of the rest of his life. #TheDoctors #onetailatatime

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Do you think your dog is too fat? Dr. Ordon demonstrates a knuckle test you can do at home to determine whether your dog is a healthy weight.