Tummy Transformation Revealed

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Playing Dramatic Result of Hidden Scar Tummy Tuck

Michele has been hiding an unsightly C-section scar on her stomach for more than 30 years and has worn a girdle every day for the past seven years.

She explains that the vertical C-section incision left an indented scar with loose skin on each side, which she says, “looks like I have a butt crack in the middle of my stomach.” Michele exercises every day. “Besides my stomach, I’m very comfortable with my body,” she says, adding, “when I look at my stomach in the mirror, my self-esteem is just gone.”

The Doctors sends her to plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon for a consultation. Dr. Ordon says that all women see some change in their abdomens after pregnancy. He says women should exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. But, he says, “You can’t control your genetics, and for some women, they just stretch more than others, and that’s why a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is such a great procedure.”

Dr. Ordon surprises Michele, telling her that plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn has offered to perform the procedure for her.

As Dr. Youn performs a hidden scar tummy tuck on Michele, he explains that her abdominal muscles have gotten separated, and he uses a long stitch to bring the muscles back together, “like an internal corset.”

Michele joins The Doctors after the surgery to show off her dramatic results.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that Michele got an added health benefit from the procedure because she had to give up her 30-year smoking habit in preparation for the surgery.

“When I walked out of his office, I never smoked another one,” Michele says. “That’s how bad I wanted it.”