Stunning Weight Loss Makeover

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Playing Woman Drops More Than 100 Pounds

Chelsea, 25, says she has struggled with her weight since junior high school. Between ages 14 and 18, she gained approximately 80 pounds, and by the time she left high school, she tipped the scales at 270 pounds. 

“I was depressed,” she says. “I didn’t feel like I would fit in.”

As Chelsea was struggling with weight gain, her mother's health began to deteriorate, and she ultimately was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver caused by years of untreated type 2 diabetes. Chelsea says that after years of poor eating habits, seeing the devastating effects excess weight was having on her mother's health finally prompted her to take the necessary steps to get her weight and her health back on track.

“The turning point for me was seeing my mom deteriorating from various health issues,” Chelsea says.

Determined not to suffer similar consequences from her unhealthy lifestyle, Chelsea began making small changes to her diet, including cutting out soda and other high-sugar beverages, as well as adding exercises like yoga and dance to her daily routine. Despite a setback during her pregnancy, when she fell back into some poor habits, Chelsea got herself back on track just six months after the birth of her child.

Through hard work and determination, Chelsea lost more than 130 pounds. To celebrate her amazing accomplishment, The Doctors surprise her with a glamorous makeover at the hands of lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian.

See Chelsea’s incredible transformation:

The Doctors have one more surprise in store for Chelsea: Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Diederich generously offers to perform a tummy tuck and breast lift for her, free of charge!

“I never thought that [this] could happen to me, and it really means the whole world,” Chelsea says through tears.