Celebrity Makeup Tips and Tricks

Celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes has worked with A-list stars, like Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Williams, for years, and his expertise to brighten and sculpt a client’s features with just a brush has Hollywood clamoring to book his time. He joins The Doctors to lend his skills to help three young women achieve the celebrity looks they desire.

“I think one of the most amazing things about what I do is to see that light come out of somebody, to embrace their femininity, and make them understand that they are beautiful,” Scott says.

First up are Cachet, who aspires to achieve Scandal star Kerry Washington’s stunning look, and Hannah, who is inspired by actress Reese Witherspoon's glamorous appearance.

Watch as Scott works his magic on Cachet and Hannah:


Next, The Doctors surprise Lisa, a young woman who lost more than 100 pounds through dietary changes and exercise, with a fabulous Hollywood makeover of her own!

See Lisa’s dazzling new look, inspired by actress and singer Jennifer Lopez: