Mom Shares her Story of Surviving Massive Mudslide

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Playing Mom Shares her Story of Surviving Massive Mudslide

Amanda recalls sitting in the kitchen with her 5-month-old son, Duke, the morning of March 22, when the lights started to flicker and the house began to shake. She looked out the front door and saw a massive mudslide lift the roof off her neighbor’s house and move straight toward her house.

She remained conscious when the roof and wall of mud hit her house and recalls as the wave of mud lifted the house, her son began to slip out of her hands, and she had to pull him back down. Then, she says, everything went black.

Amanda is one of 10 survivors of the March 2014 mudslide in Oso, Washington, that wiped out their town and killed 43 people. She joins The Doctors to share her story of survival.

Amanda recalls that when the mud finally settled, she noticed her son’s skull was swelling and his eyes were getting dark.

“He was starting to fade on me, so I just kept telling him to be strong. He was going to be OK, and that mommy had him,” she says.

Amanda reports that Duke is doing “amazing.” He lost his vision until the swelling in his skull started to go down, and he now has no left peripheral vision and some damage to his brain. However, doctors have told her that because Duke is so young, he eventually should make a full recovery.

“He’s alive, and I thank God every day for that,” she says.

Amanda suffered a broken arm, leg and ankle, and her lower eye socket was shattered. She has had nine surgeries, spent a month in rehabilitation and continues to go to physical therapy.

When she was in the ICU, her boyfriend, Ty, proposed to her, wearing a plastic medical gown and gloves. He had asked her dad for her hand in marriage the night of the mudslide.

The Doctors surprise Amanda by arranging for a wedding venue, photographers, florist, wedding cake, and DJ, as well as a hair and makeup package and a wedding dress. In addition, Z Gallerie is giving Amanda and Ty a $5,000 gift card to help furnish their new house.