Male Factors in Infertility

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Playing Update from Couple Struggling to Conceive

When Alexis and Gabe first appeared on The Doctors in September 2014, they had been struggling to conceive since getting married two years earlier. Having tried hormone medications, insemination, two rounds of in-vitro fertilization and suffering two miscarriages, the couple was undeterred in their commitment to becoming parents. 

In November 2014, the couple revealed to The Doctors that they had met with Rebecca Fett, author of It Starts With the Egg, who offered tips to help Alexis improve the quality of her eggs through diet and nutrition

Now, the couple shares that their third attempt at in-vitro fertilization has also failed.

“I’ve never thought that we wouldn’t be parents," Alexis says through tears. "That thought has never crossed my mind. It’s just, how much pain do we have to endure until we get there? We just want to be parents.”

Gabe says that they are proceeding with the adoption process while continuing to pursue methods of conceiving biological children. Alexis adds that they recently suffered the loss of an adoption when the biological mother changed her mind.

“While a lot of people jump to adoption right away – and I think it’s a beautiful option – it is just as difficult and painful as struggling with infertility,” she says.

Gabe says that he recently met with urologist and reproductive micro surgeon Dr. Paul Turek for a consultation. Dr. Turek joins The Doctors to share his findings.

Dr. Turek discusses the physical issue that may be affecting Gabe’s ability to impregnate Alexis: