Reversing Female Hair Loss

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Playing Woman Struggles with Thinning Hair

Jenny, a New York police officer, is concerned that her hair care routine, including straightening her naturally curly hair and wearing it pulled back every day for work, may be causing her receding hairline. She says she is very embarrassed by her thinning hair and has begun wearing hats often to hide her condition. She reached out to The Doctors for help regaining her full, luscious locks … and her confidence.

The Doctors send her to hair loss expert and stylist Shann Christen, who examines Jenny’s scalp and determines that an overdevelopment of sebum has clogged her pores and disrupted her hair growth. He applies aromatherapy to her scalp to relax the nerves and muscles that connect to hair. He then examines a hair sample to determine the health of her hair and applies a treatment to remove the excess sebum. Shann’s tests conclude that Jenny’s hair has been damaged by the congestion on her scalp, and her weakened hair is more susceptible to being pulled out when she ties it back every day, resulting in the balding she has seen at her hairline.

“[This] is super common for women,” OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says.

Jenny shares Shann’s recommended regimen to improve the health of her scalp and thereby reverse her hair loss: