Count-by-Five's Fitness Plan

Fitness trainer Nik Herold demonstrates how easy it is to lose weight and stay in shape with The Doctors Count-by-Five’s Fitness Plan.

5 Meals per Day

• Eat five smaller meals daily
• Eating frequently prevents hunger and curbs over eating
• Keep your metabolism working quickly, helping to burn more calories

10 Minutes of Warm Up
Take 10 minutes to stretch, warm up and prepare your body for exercise. Ten minutes of warm up will:
• Boost metabolism
• Help prevent injuries
• Allow the muscles to handle more stress
• Ensure a faster recovery period after the workout

15 Reps with Weights
• Higher numbers of reps with lighter weight encourages weight loss and increases muscle tone
• Never strain yourself or add too much weight to your workout
• Helps build lean muscle tissue

20 Minutes of Interval Cardio
• Interval cardio is the most effective way to burn calories
• Alternating between high-intensity workouts and moderate levels will jump start metabolism and push muscles while offering recovery which will ensure maximum results

“Twenty minutes of [high-intensity] interval cardio training is nine times more effective at burning fat than if you did an hour of cardio training,” Nik says.

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