Dr. Ruth's Sex Tips

When it comes to sex-related topics, The Doctors turns to world-renowned psychosexual therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer for the best advice!

Sync Your Sex Clock
Men are often in the mood to have sex in the morning because they may wake up aroused due to nocturnal penile tumescence, which causes men without erectile dysfunction to experience between three to five erections as he sleeps. Also, men's testosterone levels are highest in the morning.

"If he has some kind of erectile activity in the morning, he should rejoice that he has an erection!" Dr. Ruth says. "We women were taught that it has to be dark, that the stars have to be twinkling and that it has to be in the evening in order to be romantic. I'm saying, nonsense! Close the shutters, make it dark in the room if that's what you want. Make sure you adjust to what both of you like.

"People are not Siamese twins," Dr. Ruth continues. "They don't want to have sex, or the same amount of sex, at the same time. The important thing is that that couple, for the good of the relationship, adjusts to it. Also, what they can do is [have sex] one week at night, and one week in the morning. What's the big deal? Be a little bit flexible."

Intensify Your Orgasm
OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains that personal lubricants can be very important for women for sexual intercourse. Up to half of sexually active couples use some kind of vaginal lubricant during intercourse.

Unfortunately, there is now reason to believe that many of these lubricants have harmful effects on sperm, thus potentially reducing the chance of conceiving. Nearly all commonly used lubricants have been reported to decrease sperm mobility and function.

Prolong Male Performance
Promescent, a new penile spray that contains the anesthetic lidocaine, numbs the male member and allows a man to keep his erection longer. See Dr. Ruth's method to treat premature ejaculation.

Sex Toys for Beginners
Looking to explore the realm of personal pleasuring products? Dr. Ruth advises, "Maybe we have to take it a little more seriously, and not say 'sex toys.' To say, whoever needs it, there might be things to use for their sexual satisfaction. So, to take it to a level of seriousness."

See the lineup of personal pleasuring products.

Dr. Ruth adds, "Nothing will replace a relationship. Nothing will replace [when] you look at her with love and care, and that you really like being with her. I don't want anybody to think that in order to have good sex and good sexual satisfaction, that they need any of this."

Tips for Grooming "Down There"
If you shave your pubic hair, use lubricated lotion to shave with the growth of the hair. A vaginal shield, such as the Va J-J Visor, can protect the sensitive areas of the groin when waxing, coloring or shaving pubic hair.

Dr. Lisa notes that a trimmed genital area can keep it clean and decrease the risk of infection. "All of it is a personal choice," she adds.

Sexual Recovery Time
Every male goes through a refractory period, or recovery time, after he ejaculates. Dr. Ruth and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork offer tips on how to improve a man's sexual recovery time.

Is Fantasizing OK?
Have you ever fantasized about someone else while having sex with your significant other and felt guilty afterwards? If so, you're not alone.

"First of all, I know many [women] who fantasize about [Dr. Travis]," Dr. Ruth teases. "And it's OK! Enjoy it. To fantasize about anybody [else] is perfectly alright, but keep your mouth shut," Dr. Ruth adds. "Don't say it out loud!"

Five-Minute Quickie
What are a man's erogenous zones? How can a couple climax together? Dr. Ruth answers as many sex questions as possible in less than five minutes!

Sex Advice for New Parents
Dr. Ruth explains that not all women are comfortable having sex with their infant in the room. "There are some women who are so tuned into that little thing there that might cry, or they even believe that it might watch, that maybe it's difficult to have an orgasm," Dr. Ruth says. "You can leave the crib there so you sleep better, but during those 15 minutes of sex, move the crib outside the door!"

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says that couples can also go into other rooms, such as the bathroom and shower, to be intimate, or put a blanket over the side of the crib to act as a screen and block what the baby may see. Dr. Ruth also suggests speaking to a pediatrician for his or her advice, and being flexible about when you have sex.


Dr. Ruth and The Doctors dip inside the "curiosity case."

Can vibrating panties help heat things up in the bedroom?

The Importance of Foreplay
Dr. Ruth says foreplay is the key to great sex. The Doctors reminds men to hone in on a woman's most erogenous zone: her mind. The palm of the hand, soles of the feet and nape of the neck are also important areas of focus, and take time for at least five minutes of passionate kissing to set the stage for a satisfying encounter.

"Foreplay is the way to get in the game," Dr. Lisa says. "It is not a race, and it helps women lubricate since women take longer to orgasm."

Know Your Mate
One way to better sex is truly knowing and understanding your mate. The Doctors challenges two married couples to see how much they really know about each other, and Dr. Ruth shares her best kept sex secrets.

Dr. Ruth's Top Six Sex Tips

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Dr. Ruth shares some bonus bedroom tips!

Tip 1:
"In order to find out which parts of your body are more sensitive to stimulation, try exploring every inch of your partner, and I'm talking about places you have never been, like the back of his leg. This is not foreplay, but more of a learning experience. Don't be alarmed if it turns into foreplay."
Tip 2:
"Make evening plans for a sexy rendezvous with your partner over breakfast. Then spend a few moments throughout the day fantasizing about your date. You'll become mentally aroused, and by the time you pull into the driveway, the mood is already set."
Tip 3:
"Trying to make your partner orgasm should be fun, not a chore. Try different positions to find out what works for you and him, and practice as often as possible."
Tip 4:
"Women really do need to cuddle after sex. It makes us feel more in touch and in love, so when your man tries to turn over and sleep, start spooning and tell him that it's early foreplay for the next round."
Tip 5:
"For more fun between the sheets, add some yoga to your daily routine. It not only gets the blood pumping, which helps with arousal, but stretching promotes more flexibility, which comes in handy."
Tip 6:
"I think we should rename the G-spot the Ghost Spot. Most women don't orgasm through G-spot stimulation, so don't be disappointed if you can't find it, and move on!"

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