Family Survives Fiery Plane Crash

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Playing Family Survives Plane Crash

Forty-five minutes into a familiar flight from Panama City, Florida, to his home state of Tennessee, Dan, a U.S. military veteran and the pilot of the plane, noticed that the flight just didn’t feel right. Although all the gauges read normal, he says there was too much turbulence for the low altitude at which they were flying. On board the plane were Dan’s wife, Sharon, his son, Andy, and Andy’s girlfriend, Katey.

Just six miles from an airfield in Alabama, the plane lost all power and began to fall. Dan managed to navigate the plane to an open wooded area, though the aircraft clipped a few trees and caught fire at the bottom. As the fire spread and the plane grew hotter, Dan and Andy focused on freeing Sharon and Katey, who were both critically injured from the crash. Despite their own severe wounds, the men were able to drag the women to safety, and emergency services transported them all to a nearby trauma center.

Andy recalls his father saying to him afterward, "If you had done what you did in the military, you'd be getting a medal right now."

The family joins The Doctors via polycom, still traumatized from the crash and unable to travel, and recounts the harrowing details of their ordeal. Plus, hear how the crash has revitalized each of their religious beliefs.