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Playing Travel Safety Tips

The holiday season is on the horizon, and millions of travelers soon will be heading to the airport to make their annual treks to visit family, friends and other loved ones. To make sure your next trip is as comfortable and safe as can be, Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins The Doctors to share important travel tips.

Dr. Lewis-Hall’s first tip is to ensure that all your essential items, including any medications, are packed in your carry-on luggage for easy access at all times. Additionally, she says to keep any medications in the original packaging to avoid any mix-ups or lost dosages.

If you have a medical condition, such as Type 1 diabetes, and are traveling alone, be sure to let the passenger seated next to you know, in case you require any emergency assistance. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds that any diabetic patients should try to keep to a normal eating schedule during the holidays, avoiding over- or under-eating, and vigilantly keep track of blood sugar numbers.

Dr. Lewis-Hall also recommends all travelers keep an index card with them containing the following important information:

  • Physician’s name and contact information
  • Pharmacy contact information, if applicable
  • Any allergies, including drug allergies
  • Medications and dosages, if applicable
  • Emergency contact information

Before heading to the airport, be sure to check for any health alerts in the region to which you’re traveling by visiting

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