Model Wounded at Hollywood Party Shooting

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Playing Model Shot at Hollywood Party

Megan Hawkins, a professional model, says she visited Hollywood nightclub 1Oak a few days before the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Rapper Chris Brown was holding a launch party for his new album at the club that same night. Shortly after midnight, as the night was winding down and Megan and her friends were preparing to leave, she says she suddenly heard several loud pops, which she thought were fireworks going off inside the club. As partyers began screaming and running for the exit, Megan realized the fireworks were in fact gunshots, and she noticed a burning sensation in her left hip. 

“There was so much chaos,” she says. “I had no time to think about that burning sensation. All I was thinking about was just getting out.”

When she stepped outside the club, however, Megan noticed her left leg suddenly became numb. As she inspected her body, she noticed blood droplets and realized she had been hit by one of the shots fired inside the club. 

Megan was one of three people wounded during the shooting. Another victim, rap mogul and Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, was shot multiple times, though the wounds were not life-threatening.

Megan recounts the harrowing details of the evening with The Doctors and says she feels extremely lucky to have survived, as the bullet that hit her and bored through her body managed to avoid all major arteries, bones and vital organs. Although she suffered an infection during her recovery period and is still working with a physical therapist, Megan says she is already back to work and feeling great. 

“I got extremely lucky, and I’m kind of having a second chance,” she says.