Woman Hears Herself Screaming When She Talks

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Playing Woman Hears Herself Screaming When She Talks

When Kate had a cold and the flu her senior year of college, she had a blocked feeling in her ears and could hear her own voice loudly inside her head. The voice hasn’t gone away.

After two years, Kate was diagnosed with patulous Eustachian tube, which means the passageway from the back of the nose to the middle of the ear opens randomly, allowing her to hear all the sounds from the outside world, as well as all the sounds inside her head, including chewing and breathing.

“I’m not really living my life, because I’m so distracted by the sounds,” Kate says.

The Doctors sends Kate to ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon for a consultation. Dr. Ordon explains how the Eustachian tube works and suggests treatment options that might help her condition.