Bride-to-Be Wants To Smile on Wedding Day

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Playing Bride-to-Be Wants To Smile on Wedding Day

When Judie’s boyfriend proposed, she was overjoyed, but she still hesitated to smile.

Judie hadn’t been to the dentist in more than 10 years because of fear and worry that it would be too expensive. Her teeth fall out when she eats, and she goes into another room to glue her teeth back in so her fiancé doesn’t see the extent of the problem.

“I can’t smile for him and feel beautiful,” she said on her first appearance on The Doctors. “It’s almost hard to cry about it now, because I’m just so used to pretending like everything is OK.”

Judie was worried that her teeth were beyond repair and she wouldn't be able to smile when she says, “I do” on her wedding day.

The Doctors sent Judie to cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman for a consultation. Dr. Dorfman said Judie's case is one of the hardest he has ever seen. He said she will need to have 21 teeth extracted, and recommended immediate dentures, which are held in with mini implants that will stabilize her teeth and prevent her from losing more bone. Dr. Dorfman showed Judie a picture of how she could look after the procedure, and he surprised her by offering to get started on the work immediately.

"The good news is you're not going to have to postpone your wedding," he said.

Watch as Dr. Dorfman and  oral and maxillofacial surgeon Steven Kupferman perform the surgery to extract Judie's teeth, reconstruct her jaw and insert her dentures. Dr. Kupferman explains that Judie's condition is severe and her upper jaw has grown forward, which will require him to cut bone and reconstruct her jaw.

The following video contains content that may not be suitable for young audiences.

Judie sees her new smile for the first time and is surprised when The Doctors introduce her fiancé, Matt, who she thought was sick and couldn't attend the show. Find out what other surprises The Doctors have in store for the happy couple for their wedding.