Technology Allows Parents to Select Sex of Unborn Child

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Playing Genetic Testing to Select Baby’s Sex

Advanced genetic testing now allows parents-to-be the option of selecting the sex of their unborn baby … for a price. The Doctors and Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, founder of the Fertility Institutes on Gender Selection and Family Balancing, debate the pros and cons of using this type of technology, which in addition to determining the baby’s sex can also screen for more than 100 genetic abnormalities, including breast cancer and Down syndrome.

The technology, which is banned in multiple other countries, uses in-vitro fertilization to produce multiple embryos that undergo genetic testing to determine their viability and detect any genetic abnormalities. Through that testing, Dr. Steinberg says he can also discover the sex of the baby that an embryo could potentially become, as well as other physical features, including eye color. In regard to the unused embryos, which cannot grow on their own, parents can choose to freeze them, donate to another couple, donate to stem cell research or discard them.

Dr. Steinberg argues that he’s providing parents with choices they’ve never had before.

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