Woman Disfigured by Botched Plastic Surgery

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Playing Woman's Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Patricia, 55, says she struggled with her weight throughout her troubled marriage, as she used food to comfort herself when her husband was abusive. After her divorce, Patricia felt motivated to shed the excess pounds and lost more than 150 pounds by making changes to her diet and exercising regularly. 

Although she was proud of her weight loss, Patricia still felt weighed down by the loose skin that hung off her body. She decided then to undergo an abdominoplasty and a brachioplasty, which she hoped would give her the look she desired. Unfortunately, she says when she awoke from the reconstructive surgery, she found that her arms didn't look any slimmer than they had before surgery, but they were now covered in disfiguring scars. Additionally, she found that her navel and pubic area had been pulled to the right side and were no longer centered on her body. After two additional failed surgeries to correct the errors on her body, Patricia says she feels butchered.

“I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror,” she says.

For the past 10 years, Patricia says she has kept the extent of the damage to her body a secret from her children, and she says she hasn't had the courage to date anyone longer than a couple dates, because she is scared of how a potential romantic partner would react to her body.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon agrees to examine Patricia and offer his opinion on her options for corrective surgery.

On stage with The Doctors, Patricia explains how difficult it has been for her to live with her scars. She says she doesn't feel pretty and just wants to look normal again. 

In a web exclusive interview, Patricia and her daughter, Brandi, share their feelings about being on the show and their gratitude to Dr. Ordon for offering his services to help Patricia. 

Patricia says she finally feels hopeful about the future.

Watch as Dr. Ordon and his partner Dr. Ritu Chopra perform corrective surgery to realign Patricia's bellybutton, add breast implants, slim her arms with liposuction and reduce the appearance of her scars.

Patricia reveals her new body.

"I had given up on everything. And, now I have a different outlook," Patricia says. "I'm normal. That was all I ever wanted."