Addicted to Eating Flour?

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Playing Woman Addicted to Eating Flour

Tongie, 44, says she is addicted to eating raw flour. She says she consumes more than five pounds of flour per week, sneaking handfuls throughout the day. While she tried to keep her addiction a secret from her family, she says her children and husband quickly caught on to her behavior and have become very concerned about her health. 

The Doctors send Tongie to gastroenterologist expert Dr. Jorge Rodriguez for an evaluation. She explains to Dr. Rodriguez that eating the flour helps her feel calm and is a comforting addiction, though she is concerned about her weight gain and the possible damage her addiction might be having on her overall health.

“It started off kind of funny. You know, I’m eating flour,” she says. “But now, I can’t go into the grocery store unless I’m going down the baking aisle. That’s a problem for me.”

Dr. Rodriguez believes the addiction might be a sign of a psychological problem but orders a full blood-panel to eliminate any underlying physical problems.