Treatment for Severe Acne Scars

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Playing Living with Severe Acne Scars

Penny is 43 years old and has been living with severe acne scars since she was a teenager. She says she feels like people stare at the scars on her face instead of looking her in the eye when they talk to her. She never leaves the house without makeup, because she's self-conscious about her skin's bumpy appearance. She worries that her children are embarrassed by the way she looks.

"It has stopped me from living to the fullest that I could live," she says.

Penny says she has seen many dermatologists, tried numerous creams and undergone laser treatments, but she hasn't seen significant improvement.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that Penny has chronic cystic acne, which means that clogged pores become inflamed, leading to larger lesions, or cysts, that are harder for the skin to repair. 

Hear Dr. Ordon's recommendation for treating Penny's acne scars .

UPDATE: Click here to see Penny's amazing results after being treated by plastic surgeon Dr. Brian K. Reedy.