Switched at Birth?

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Playing Mom Worries Daughter Was Switched at Birth

Laura and Pam became fast friends when they shared a hospital room after the births of their daughters, Lindsey and Kirstie. However, one nurse’s mistake has left a cloud of uncertainty over the two families' lives for the past 25 years. 

Laura explains that at one point during her stay in the hospital, a nurse brought in a baby girl and handed her to Laura for feeding. Laura says that as she breastfed the infant, she realized that the baby wasn't her daughter, Lindsey. A second nurse confirmed that the baby was actually Pam’s daughter, Kirstie. The mistake was quickly corrected, but since that day Laura has always wondered whether she brought home the right baby.

When she was 24 years old, Lindsey says her mom revealed the hospital mix-up to her, as well as her concern that Lindsey might not be her biological daughter. Lindsey says she then reached out to Kirstie via email and the two agreed to undergo DNA testing to determine whether they were, in fact, switched at birth.