Mom Is a High-Class Escort

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Playing Mom’s Controversial Career

Amanda, also known as Samantha X, is an author, a mother of two … and a high-class escort. She joins The Doctors to discuss her controversial career choice.

At $5,000 per night, Amanda says she considers herself to be an “escort therapist,” providing an outlet for her clients to share the thoughts and feelings she says they don’t feel comfortable sharing with their significant others. While she does engage in sexual activity with her clients, she says that sex is a small part of what she does.

When asked if she thought being an escort would be an acceptable career choice for her daughter, she says no. She explains that she wants to raise her children to be open-minded, and hopes they feel empowered and own their sexuality as adults.

“I own it. I’m not ashamed of who I am, and I don’t expect my children to be ashamed of who I am,” she says.