Woman Loses Teeth Due to Birth Defect

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Playing Dental Implant Surgery for Woman with Birth Defect

Born with a rare genetic disorder, Jessica, now 20, has spent her whole life hiding her smile. The condition, known as congenital hypodontia, caused most of her adult teeth to not develop. As a result, she was left with just six teeth. Unable to eat solid foods and told by her insurance company that any surgical treatments would be considered cosmetic – and therefore not covered – Jessica reached out to The Doctors for help.

In her first appearance on the show, The Doctors sent Jessica to cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman and board-certified oral surgeon Dr. Steven Kupferman to discover the extent of her condition and determine possible treatment options. Dr. Dorfman and Dr. Kupferman found that due to her disorder, Jessica lacked the essential bone mass required for traditional dental implants. Dr. Dorfman explained Jessica's options: to remove her remaining teeth and fit her for removable dentures – which he said was not ideal for a person her age – or to insert zygomatic dental implants, which use metal screws embedded into the cheekbones and eliminate the need for bone grafting.

After seeing what her smile could look like if she underwent the implant procedure, Jessica was thrilled to learn she would be receiving the surgery, which typically costs $80,000, free of charge from Dr. Dorfman, Dr. Kupferman and their team.

Just four days after undergoing the intensive surgery, Jessica returns to The Doctors' stage to reveal her dazzling new smile.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe that's me!" Jessica says after seeing the results of the procedure for the first time.

When asked how she felt after the surgery, Jessica adds, "Honestly, no matter how much pain I've gone through in the past couple of days from the surgery and recovery, it's nothing and so worth it."