When Eating Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

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Playing When Eating Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

Jordan was known as "the vegan blonde" and created a blog to encourage others to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

But after following strict diet rules for a couple of years, she started to develop health problems and was diagnosed with orthorexia, an obsession with eating food that is considered healthy.

Jordan says the first sign that something was off was that she lost her period for six months. She felt exhausted and fatigued.

“I just didn’t feel like myself," she says. "I don't think veganism caused an eating disorder. I think it triggered an eating disorder within me because of my personality."

Jordan started changing her diet and incorporating fish, eggs and other forms of animal protein, but when she finally went public with her new diet, she says she got a lot of backlash.

Now, Jordan is the balanced blonde.

“Whatever your diet, whatever works for you, make sure it’s a healthy balance," says ER physician Dr. Travis Stork. "Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whatever it may be, listen to your body. Be careful about taking things to the extreme.”