At-Home Fitness

Carolyn Barnes, an exercise devotee and busy mom, developed the cLEAN Momma Routine, which helps busy moms workout while they clean the house.

Carolyn shows The Doctors some household workout moves that you can do at home!

Get Fit at Home Personal fitness trainer Alycia Perrin from Crunch Gym demonstrates ways to get fit without emptying your wallet.
Denise Austin's Daily Dozen Fitness Plan
Like many women in their 30s, 32-year-old Ana has seen her weight balloon. "In just three years I went from a size 10 to a size 16," Ana says. "If I don't do something about it now, I'm never going to have the courage to do anything about it, and I'm afraid I'm just going to gain more weight."

Uncertain of where to begin, Ana tries fitness expert Denise Austin's Daily Dozen fitness diet and exercise regimen .
The key, Denise says, is to have a workout and eating plan."Everybody needs a plan," Denise says. "You wouldn't build a home without an architectural plan. So I put together a really good plan to tell you exactly what to eat and 12 easy exercises to do in 12 minutes in 12 days."

After two weeks, Ana steps on the scale and discovers she's lost 10 pounds and decreased both her percentage of body fat and her body mass index . Thrilled with the results, Ana says, "I'm going to keep going! There's no point in stopping. You've just got to keep going."

Denise demonstrates more ways to keep moving at home!
Fitting in Fitness
Christine shares that her New Year’s resolution is to make physical activity part of her everyday schedule so she can lose the last 20 pounds remaining from her pregnancy. “I seem to make the same resolution every year, but can’t stick to it,” she says, explaining that between taking care of her young son, cleaning the house and cooking, there’s no time for exercise. “I usually get to bed around 10:00 or 11:00. I’m totally drained. When am I supposed to work out?”
The Doctors send celebrity trainer Kim Lyons to Christine’s house to show her ways to be active during her daily routine. Kim suggests that when Christine takes her son for a walk, she does a quick warm-up, like running 100 steps and then walking 100 steps. “I want you to think fit all day,” Kim says. “Everything you do is an exercise move.” She shows Christine how to do lunges and squats while picking up her son’s toys and how to engage in resistance training with her laundry basket. In the kitchen, Kim shows Christine how tone her calves, gluteus maximus muscles and outer thighs by doing leg lifts while standing at the sink. Next, Kim demonstrates that Christine can tone her midriff and upper body by placing paper plates under her feet while on her hands and toes, and move her body as if she were running in place. Christine even learns an activity that incorporates her son as weight resistance.

In the studio, Christine tells The Doctors, “I was quite sore at first, but I’m starting feel a lot better and have a lot of energy now.” She adds that she’s lost three pounds.

“It was fun because we didn’t have to have a lot of expensive gadgets,” Kim says. “There are so many ways to do it, so there’s just no excuse.”
Kim assures women that doing resistance training is not going to build large muscles. “You have to do resistance training,” she says. “And the best part of it is the more muscle you have, the more calories you’re going to burn just by sitting there. You’re going to burn more calories when you sleep. You burn more calories when you have muscle on your frame, and of course, it’s not all just about vanity; It’s about your health. It can help osteoporosis, along with a ton of other things.”

Kim, Robin, Christine and Dr. Travis demonstrate some exercises that can be done using household products. To tone your arms, Kim suggests buying two small bottles of laundry detergent and using them as weights in each hand while doing lifts. The audience joins the activities using an Aylio exercise band.

Get fit at work!