Mom’s Struggle to Survive After Teen Prank

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Playing Mom’s Struggle to Survive After Teen Prank

Sharon, 52, was on her way to New York City with her daughter and husband when a rock suddenly crashed through their car windshield. Allegedly dropped from a nearby highway overpass by a group of teenagers, the rock hit Sharon in the forehead, crushing her skull and leaving her in critical condition. 

“Her head was basically split wide open,” her husband, Randy, recalls.

As doctors rushed to relieve the pressure inside Sharon’s skull and limit bleeding, Randy began to call loved ones and inform them that she might not last through the night. Neurosurgeon Dr. Atom Sarkar and his team were able to relieve the pressure that threatened to take Sharon’s life by removing part of her forehead and nose. “There are situations where the brain can swell to such an extent that it literally kills you, and that’s what we were preventing,” Dr. Sarkar explains.

Unfortunately, Sharon’s injuries were severe enough to damage parts of her brain, and the surgical team was unable to save her right eye. “We don’t know what type of personality Sharon’s going to have coming out of this, or what her social skills will be,” Randy says.

Police have charged two teenagers with aggravated assault in connection with the crime. “It wasn’t a prank,” Randy says. “There were multiple rocks being thrown off that bridge.”

The Doctors has donated $10,000 to the family’s fundraising efforts. If you would like to help Sharon and her family, please consider donating to their Go-Fund-Me and You-Caring pages.


The Doctors' Exclusive Update

The Budd family returns to The Doctors with a dramatic update on their mother, Sharon, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after she was hit in the face with a rock that teens threw off an interstate overpass.

“Thank God, she’s a fighter,” her husband, Randy, said during the family’s first appearance on the show. “Don’t count out Sharon. She’s Budd strong.”

Two of Randy and Sharon's children, Kaylee and Luke, share their thoughts on their mom's fight to survive.


Editor's note: Charges have been filed in Union County, Pa., against four teenagers who are awaiting trial in connection with this case.