SMOCK: The Virus You Want to Catch

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork introduces #SMOCK — a social media movement launched by The Doctors to help spread Simple Moments Of Contagious Kindness!

#SMOCK is designed to encourage selflessness and challenge people to do something nice for someone else. Whether it’s holding open a door or buying someone lunch, the smallest, kindhearted gestures can truly make one’s day — particularly when they are totally unexpected.

“Random acts of kindness actually lower levels of inflammation in the body,” Dr. Travis explains. “So, it’s not only good for others. It’s good for you.”

To kick off the #SMOCK campaign, The Doctors shares the uplifting story of Joe, an 83-year-old, self-taught barber who voluntarily gives haircuts to the homeless.

“I may be 83 years old, but I haven’t lost my touch,” Joe says. “I don’t charge any money for a haircut. The only thing I charge is a hug. That’s the best payment you could ever get. It’s not only just the haircuts. It’s the conversations, and becoming family — and they have become my family.”

Joe began cutting hair 26 years ago, when he was a volunteer for the American Red Cross. “I hope that, in some way, I bring a little bit of joy into the lives of the homeless people that I serve,” he says.

To reward Joe for his selfless service, The Doctors surprise him with an all-expenses-paid getaway to Grand Bahama Island!