44-Pound Baby; Mother Becomes Human Speed Bump; Inspiring 3-Year-Old

44-Pound Baby
The Doctors discuss the story of an 8-month-old baby, Santiago, who weighs as much as an average 6-year-old.

Learn the factors that may have contributed to
Santiago’s excessive weight gain. Plus, The Doctors share the health concerns of infant obesity.

Hear how the Chubby Hearts Foundation, a charity organization that Santiago’s mother reached out to for assistance, is
working to help Santiago reach a healthier weight.

Skin Removal Surgery
The Doctors have followed Danielle’s inspiring weight loss journey since November 2012, when she joined the show to discuss her experience undergoing robotic gastric bypass surgery. Almost a year later, she rejoined The Doctors on stage to reveal her new, slimmer physique, after having lost more than 140 pounds as a result of the surgery and by changing her eating and exercise habits. At the time, though she said she felt better after losing all the weight, she felt embarrassed by the unsightly loose skin that remained around her abdomen. “I know there’s a six-pack under there, you just can’t see it!” she said.

Proud of Danielle’s accomplishments, The Doctors surprised her by sending her to see board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who agreed to perform a tummy tuck for Danielle, free of charge.

This video contains footage from a live surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised.
Watch as Dr. Fiorillo performs the
surgery to remove Danielle’s excess skin.

See Danielle now! Plus, hear what she’s most excited about now that her amazing transformation is complete.

Heroic Mom Saves Kids

Most parents will stop at nothing to protect their children from harm, even if that requires putting their own lives on the line. The Doctors are joined by Mindy, a mom who jumped in front of her rolling vehicle in order to keep the car from rolling into traffic with her identical twin daughters inside. Hear her courageous story. Plus, see what surprises The Doctors have in store for her!

Inspiring 3-Year-Old
Three-year-old Emily didn’t want sick children to be sad because they’d lost their hair, so she made the selfless decision to donate her long, beautiful locks to children in need. She did have one stipulation though: She would only cut her hair if they also cut her dolly’s hair to match. With a fresh, cute bob, and her parents — Amy and Richard — in tow, Emily and her dolly join The Doctors to discuss how her kind act has inspired others around the world to do the same.

Amy explains that she, too, donated her hair, when she was in high school, and felt that Emily’s hair had reached a decent length to be helpful to others. After explaining to Emily what cancer is, why children lose their hair and what a wig is, Emily was happy to share something she had with others who were in need.

Emboldened by Emily’s generous gift, five women agree to have their hair cut live on stage by volunteers from Great Clips, to be donated to the Wigs for Kids organization.

• Learn more about donating your hair at WigsforKids.org.

Summer Skin Care
Summer is just around the corner! The Doctors share important sun safety tips and discuss the latest trends in summer fashion.

Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest magazine, joins The Doctors to share
must-know tips to stay safe in the summer sun.

Facekinis? Leggings for men? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears models the
latest summer fashion trends.