Kidney Donation Chain

Bizarre Health Headlines
The Doctors take on life and death as they discuss the strangest stories and controversial innovations from the world of health.

Attempted murder by feces? Hear the story of what one nurse allegedly attempted to put in her husband's IV bag.

Living forever digitally? Learn about a new technology that allows people to communicate with their loved ones after they're gone. 

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Paying It Forward
After Harry Damon's son, Nick, died in a snowmobiling accident, the 55-year-old firefighter struggled to find a way to honor the son he calls "the light of my life." 

"When you lose someone that you care for greatly, it's a terrible thing to go through," Harry explains. "There is a hole that can't be filled."

Harry knew he wanted to give something back in Nick's memory. After doing extensive research and speaking with the National Kidney Registry, Harry decided to give the ultimate gift: his own living kidney to a complete stranger.

Learn more about how Harry's gift changed the lives of 20 people. It takes only one altruistic donation to start a chain, Harry explains. "I did not have any idea that it was going to be as successful a chain as it turned out to be."

Controversial Home Remedies
From treating shingles to bulking up, The Doctors set the record straight on potential treatments found on the Internet.

Find out if using blood on a shingles rash treats the condition.

Meds Making the Flu Worse?
In a The Doctors Special Report, find out how taking fever-reducing drugs may increase your risk of spreading the flu. Plus, learn the signs that your child's fever may be serious.

Retouched or Natural Photos?
In an effort to promote a healthier image for women, American Eagle stopped retouching images of their models for their lingerie line, Aerie, and are presenting the young women as they truly look – flaws and all.

The Doctors conducts their own photo shoot and poll to find out whether people preferred retouched or natural photos best.