Candace Cameron Bure On Finding Balance

Get Back at Bacne 
Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee examines Sara, who says she's had acne on her back for 15 years. Dr. Lee explains that bacne is a common condition, often caused by hormones, especially in women.

Dr. Lee uses a laser to help even out the tone and texture of Sara's skin. Dr. Lee explains that the laser treatment can help anyone with active acne, oily skin or brown spots.

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross offers tips for preventing bacne . And, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork confesses the attention-grabbing way he avoids breakouts during long road trips. 

Balancing Hormones Naturally
Hormone imbalance often occurs before and during menopause, but many women want to avoid the risks of hormone replacement therapies. Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone reveals the top five surprising practices that could be disrupting the balance of your hormones and shares natural ways to help restore balance.

Finding Purpose
Candace Cameron Bure, known for her role as D.J. Tanner on the TV show Full House, talks with Dr. Rachael about family, fitness, faith and her run on Dancing with the Stars.

Candace, author of Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose, shares her top tips for finding balance . "As women, we need to stop comparing ourselves, and let that go," she says.

Dr. Rachael joins Candace and her dance partner, Mark Ballas, in the Dancing with the Stars studio. 

Power of Mindfulness
After TV producer Mark Koberg was diagnosed with HIV, he says he dealt with the condition medically but not emotionally. After a year, the emotional burden took a toll on his health, and doctors told him he had to reduce his stress. Mark turned to mindful-based stress reduction.

"Mindfulness is being in the present moment instead of constantly either rehashing the past or rehearsing the future. We're saying, 'But what is it like right now?' Because right now, things are often OK," explains Dr. Christiane Wolf, director of mindful-based stress reduction at Insights LA.

Advocates say mindful-based stress reduction can help people better manage stress, fear, anger, anxiety and depression. For Mark, the practice led him to change careers and launch a lifestyle brand that encourages mindful meditation.

Dr. Rachael says one study has found that meditation can be about as effective as anti-depressant medications for depression and anxiety.

Dr. Travis says that finding a place or activity that allows you to be mindful and meditate on a daily basis can have huge benefits for your emotional health, as well as your physical health.

Juvenile Arthritis
When Rhiannon was 2 years old, she went to a birthday party, where she played in a jump castle. The next day, her knees were swollen to the size of grapefruits, and she later reverted to crawling instead of walking. A rheumatologist eventually diagnosed her with juvenile arthritis. While most people consider arthritis to be a condition associated with older people, about 294,000 children under 18 have arthritis or rheumatic conditions.

"We had no idea that kids could get arthritis," Rhiannon's mom, Katy, says. "It's hard to know that this is something she's going to have to deal with for the rest of her life."

Juvenile arthritis is an autoimmune condition. The immune cells attack the membranes that line the joints, causing swelling, stiffness, pain and fever. The eyes and skin also can be affected.

There is no cure, but arthritis often can be managed with a combination of oral medications, injections and lifestyle changes.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears joins 11-year-old Rhiannon at the Walk to Cure Arthritis in Los Angeles, where she was honored.

 • For more information, about juvenile arthritis and the Walk to Cure Arthritis, visit the Arthritis Foundation website.

Soul Searching
Dr. Ross and Dr. Travis share some of the latest weight loss trends that could help you slim down and get healthy this summer.

"When it comes to being healthy, the No. 1 thing is just committing. Making a commitment to eating healthier foods for the rest of your life," Dr. Travis says. "Going from a vicious cycle to a virtuous cycle."

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman introduces us to the
workout class she says has changed her life
: SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a 45-minute indoor cycling class that incorporates cardio, hand weights and core strengthening exercises.

Dr. Mike Moreno, author of the 17 Day Diet, shares diet and exercise tips from his latest book, the 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition, including how a fasting day can help reset your body. 

• Dr. Mike Moreno partnered with The Doctors' executive producer Jay McGraw on the 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition .

Pet Health

Should you give your dog a multivitamin? Is it safe for your dog to cool off in a pool? Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell answers your pressing pet questions.

Think cats hate water? Watch how an obese cat is shedding pounds.