Dangerous Additives in Beer?

Good Eats
One man expresses his deep appreciation for a common condiment in an unusual way. Plus, before you toss back a couple cold ones, “Food Babe” Vani Hari shares what might be lurking in your favorite brew.

One man explains how he plans to take
his undying love for mayonnaise to the grave! 

Do you know
what’s really in your beer? From high fructose corn syrup to carcinogenic colorings, learn why you might want to think twice before cracking open that cold one. 

• Click here for an all-natural homemade mayonnaise recipe!

Slimming Down for Summer
Certified nutritionist Deborah Enos, author of Weight a Minute! Transform Your Health in 60 Seconds a Day, shares simple tips to help you cut calories.

Have your pizza and eat it too! See which toppings you should avoid and why.

Which is worse: hot or iced coffee? Find out how you might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts first thing in the morning!

Learn how to make the most of those all-you-can-eat buffets, without destroying your diet.

Benefits of Exercise Balls

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how using an exercise ball can not only be a great core workout, but can also give a boost to your immune system! 

Cutting-Edge Pain Treatment
Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler is well known for his incredible moves on the ice, but all those award-winning lifts with partner Isabelle Brasseur have caused a great deal of wear and tear on his body, particularly his right shoulder. Eager to remain active with his children, Lloyd began researching his options to repair his torn rotator cuff.

Tears to the rotator cuff are common as people age, and traditional surgical remedies are painful and require a long recovery. Now, regenerative medicine expert Dr. Christopher Centeno has developed a new procedure that utilizes the body’s own stem cells to repair and heal injuries.

Learn how it works, and see how Lloyd is doing post-treatment.

Which is Worse: Summer Edition
Dr. Travis and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross share their top tips to stay safe this summer.

consuming pool water worse than getting a mouthful of ocean

Is that relaxing stroll on the beach worse than going barefoot around the

Find out whether it’s better to shower before or after a dip in the pool.

• Learn what to do if you get caught in a rip current.  
• Make the most of your day in the sun with these beach time tips from Elycia Rubin, contributing editor for Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines.
• Learn why the dreaded summer cold might be worse than its cold weather cousin.

Bathroom Bothers
The Doctors answer your embarrassing health questions.

When it comes to going number one,
how many times per day is too many? Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman explains what’s normal and when you should be concerned.

Going on an adventure this summer? Learn how to avoid a digestive traffic jam with these
tips for staying regular while on the go.