Hush-Hush Health Problems

Put Your Best Foot Forward
The Doctors reveal secrets your feet may be hiding.

According to the ancient Chinese and Indian practices of foot reading, your toes might reveal aspects of your personality. Find out what secrets your feet may be exposing!

Which A-list celebrity was spotted allowing her partner to suck on her toes in public? The Doctors have the answer. 

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Chest Rash
Krystina, 23, says she began experiencing an itchy, sweet-smelling rash under and between her breasts in the summer of 2012. She says she originally thought the rash was a reaction to a new undergarment she’d purchased, but when she stopped wearing the garment and the rash continued, she became concerned. Embarrassed by the unsightly and uncomfortable rash, she asks The Doctors to help her uncover the cause and find a solution.

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee examines Krystina and tests a sample of the rash. She determines that the cause of Krystina’s discomfort is intertrigo, a common skin irritation similar to a yeast infection or diaper rash. Most common in women who are obese, the inflammatory condition occurs in warm, moist areas of the body where skin rubs together.

“It’s not something you can cure; it’s just something that you learn to control,” Dr. Lee explains.

Dr. Lee advises Krystina to keep the area as dry as possible — including blow drying the skin after showering — as moisture can exacerbate the condition.

Skateboarding Dangers
Professional skateboarder Chris Swanson, 36, is used to the bumps and bruises that go along with his profession, but he was wholly unprepared for the mortifying injury he sustained during a stunt. While performing a routine trick on a makeshift ramp and handrail, a wrong move sent him flying several feet into the air before slamming his groin on a metal rail. After several hours in excruciating pain, Chris decided to go to the emergency room where he was whisked into surgery to repair his urethra, which had been ripped in half by the injury.

Chris and his surgeon, male urethral and penile reconstructive surgeon Dr. Joel Gelman, join The Doctors to discuss the surgery that has helped many men recover from traumatic injuries below the belt.

Chris describes the injury he sustained while performing a stunt he’d successfully performed many times before.

Dr. Gelman explains the surgery he performed to correct the damage to Chris’ urethra. 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork emphasizes the importance of wearing protective equipment when playing sports or performing stunts.

Airplane Yoga?
Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec Baldwin, joins The Doctors to discuss a recent controversy she sparked by posting a picture to social media of herself executing a yoga pose in the middle of the aisle on an airplane. The Doctors weigh in on the benefits of yoga on the ground and in the air.

Healing Body Art
There are more than 2 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. After battling this devastating disease, many are left with scars that serve as painful reminders of their suffering. Following a double mastectomy surgery, breast cancer survivor Molly Ortwein had a hard time adjusting to what she saw in the mirror and decided to get tattoos to cover her scars. She says the beautiful tattoos will always remind her of her strength and triumph over breast cancer.

Molly explains how her organization, Personal INK, helps empower fellow breast cancer survivors by allowing them to choose what they see in the mirror each day

• Learn more about Personal INK.

Dr. Travis’ Dirty Little Secret
Dr. Travis shares an embarrassing private part secret . Find out what has him blushing on stage!

Home Health Dangers
The Doctors reveal three foods that may be putting your oral health at risk. Plus, is there a difference between men’s deodorant and women’s deodorant?

 Dental aesthetic and implant specialist Dr. Thanos Kristallis shares three foods that may be putting a dent in your dental care. Plus, learn why rushing to brush your teeth might do more harm than good.

Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross explains what causes underarm odor and reveals whether there’s a difference between deodorant products for men and women.