"Bad" Body Parts Every Women Fears

"Bad" Butt: Flat, Dimpled, Saggy!
Whether it's flat as a pancake, covered in dimples or sagging out the back of your bathing suit, many women dislike the shape of their butt. Learn why your backside changes as the years go by and what you can do to try and improve its shape! Plus, meet Jen, a woman renowned on social media for having one of the best butts!

Learn three reasons your butt goes flat! And what tip do The Doctors have for hiding a dimply derriere?

"Bad" Belly: Bloated and Bubbly
Diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, Angelica, 34, says her constant bloating, constipation and bouts of diarrhea are negatively affecting her marriage.

"It makes it hard to feel sexy when you're bloated, and have these terrible stomach cramps and your guts are kind of twisting inside you," Angelica says. "It's hard." 

IBS is a common disorder that affects the large intestine. The causes of IBS vary from person to person, but they can include difficulties with the way signals are sent between the brain and the digestive tract, problems digesting certain foods and stress or anxiety.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explains why Angelica is feeling the way she does and offers a two-pronged approach for dealing with the symptoms of IBS.

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"Bad" Skin: Oily Glow
Katherine, 26, says she has such oily skin, that she has to blot her face with tissues before her picture can be taken. She says she's tried creams, wipes and serums but to no avail.

"It's a mess," Katherine says. "It's like a knock-off Gucci bag. It's not right."

Dr. Shamban reveals a little-known treatment that may prevent oily skin once and for all. 

"Bad" Breasts: Crinkly Cleavage
Dale, 59, says she looks good for her age, but the wrinkly skin on her chest is driving her crazy. A confessed sun-worshipper for most of her life, Dale says she now feels she has to hide her chest with scarves and necklaces when she goes outside.

"When I look in the mirror, all I can see on my chest area are crease lines and saggy skin," Dale explains. "It makes me feel old."

Dale visited plastic surgeon H. George Brennan for a chest lift procedure. Described as a face lift for the chest, the patient can go home the night of the surgery, and the scars can be hidden under a bra strap.

Dale reveals her brand new chest! Plus, The Doctors give reasons why your chest can start to sag.

"Bad" Hair?

Is your hair is thinning due to menopause? Check out The Doctors' tips for giving your hair a makeover from the inside out!

Get the recipe for a menopause mane meal!

"Bad" Smell: No More Shampoo
Jackie says she hasn't washed her hair with shampoo in five years. Concerned about the chemicals contained in conventional shampoos, this self-described "crunchy mama" says she's found an alternative that leaves her hair feeling silky and healthy.

Jackie says she switched from shampoo when she learned that the average American woman uses around 515 chemicals on her body every day.

"I'm more concerned about chemicals and the unintended consequences that those will have on my body and my child’s and the planet's."

"Bad" Smile: Crooked Teeth
Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman feels like her top front teeth are progressively getting more crooked, and her bottom teeth are crowded. She pays a visit to dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman and orthodontist Dr. Dan Grauer to learn more about a custom technique that aims to improve her smile and her confidence.