Dangerous and Deadly Viral Trends

Eyeball licking? Condom snorting? The Doctors uncover the hazards of the weirdest, wackiest and most extreme stunts that people post online. Plus, shocking and potentially deadly ways that teens are getting high — at home and at school! And, three new drug slang words every parent should know.

Dangerous Viral Trends
From condom snorting to eyeball licking, The Doctors discuss the dangers people face when participating in popular Internet challenges.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains why snorting condoms could be deadly

Hear why one woman loves participating in eyeball licking. Is it safe? 

Why do certain people participate in these risky challenges? Hear from three Internet daredevils.

Every Parent’s Nightmare
The day after Thanksgiving 2011, Trina received a call from her husband who said that her 13-year-old son, Trey, was missing. She says she knew something was wrong, because it was very unlike Trey to disappear and not answer his phone. Friends and family gathered to search the neighborhood, and Trina’s husband called 911. That’s when Trey’s body was discovered. Following the untimely, and seemingly inexplicable, death of her son, Trina discovered that Trey had learned how to huff Freon out of air conditioning units on the Internet and had been experimenting with the dangerous trend. Sadly, this risky behavior ultimately caused his death.

Trina and Trey's sister, Ariele, share their story and emphasize the dangers of huffing Freon

Trina shares what every parent needs to know about this dangerous trend. 

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how huffing Freon affects the body

• Learn an easy and cost-efficient fix to prevent Freon abuse.
• Get more information about the dangers of huffing

Teens and Drug Use
A recent study found that by late adolescence, more than 70% of kids have consumed alcohol, and more than 40% have experimented with drugs. Child safety deputy Clay Cranford, from the Orange County Sheriff's Department, details new ways kids are hiding drugs. Plus, The Doctors share three drug terms you need to know.

Hiding drugs may be easier than you think. Find out how kids are sneaking drugs into schools

The names may be different, but the danger remains the same. Learn three new drug terms you need to be aware of. 

• Learn more about dangerous viral trends your kids may be participating in.
• Which viral trends worry you the most? Share your thoughts! 

Car Jumping?
The Doctors talk to two young men who participate in car jumping — attempting to jump over a moving vehicle. See shocking footage of the dangerous acts, and learn why they put their lives at risk to perform these stunts.

“Bones heal. Brain injuries don’t, paralysis doesn’t, disfigurement doesn’t, and you don’t heal from death,” Dr. Travis warns.

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OAD 12/17/13