Top 5 Parenting Tips

From helpful strategies to get your children to sleep to coaxing even the pickiest eater to dig in, The Doctors are on call with helpful parenting tips and advice.

Top 5 Parenting Tips:

1. If child doesn’t listen, write behaviors or actions down that he or she needs to
work on and talk with him or her about it. It also helps to have a small reward
system so your child can have something to work toward.

2. If your older child is jealous of a new baby in the house, give him or her attention
first when with the family. Ask them questions specific to their day before talking
about the new baby. It also helps to give your older child a “new big
brother/sister” gift when you bring the baby home from the hospital.

3. If your child won’t eat healthy foods, try making their food look more fun and
colorful to make the healthy foods blend in. Be creative!

4. Can’t seem to get organized? Use a large calendar that the whole family can look
at so everyone is on the same page and schedule. Also, lay out outfits, pack
lunches and prepare breakfast the night before, so the morning isn’t so hectic.

5. It’s hard to find time for yourself when you have a newborn, so it’s very
important to schedule “me time.” If that means hiring a babysitter, do it, because
in order to be a good, well-rounded parent, you need to be able to have some time
to spend on yourself. If you are putting your child down for a nap, fit in a quick
workout; it will give you energy throughout the day.