Which is Worse; Medical Confessions; Minute Makeover; Bizarre in the ER

It’s ask The Doctors: “Would You Rather?” and “Which is Worse?” Then, lifestyle expert Moll Anderson shares a one-minute fix for shiny, healthy hair. Plus, see the six items you need for a healthier hospital stay. And, Bizarre in the ER — You won’t believe what one man did to treat his erectile dysfunction!

Would You Rather …?
The Doctors share the indulgences that are worst for your health.

Cricket tacos, anyone? The Doctors decide between
eating insects and eating
fast food

Which is worse: a late-night sugar binge or a couple glasses of wine? ER physician Dr. Travis Stork has the answer.

Would you rather see Dr. Travis or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith take off his shirt? The audience votes, but will the men oblige?

Medical Matters
From leaky breasts to erectile dysfunction, The Doctors tackle your most embarrassing health issues.

In an anonymous medical confessional, one woman asks plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon what could be causing
her chronic nipple discharge.

Emergency medicine physician Dr. Armand Dorian shares bizarre stories from the ER. Plus, learn the
risk factors and treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Moll's One-Minute Makeover

Moll Anderson shares a quick and cost-efficient tip for shinier, healthier hair.

For more DIY beauty tips, visit The Doctors' Pinterest page!

Hospital Survival Guide
Lifestyle expert and radio host Moll Anderson opens up about a personal family health crisis she endured. Five years ago, Moll’s stepson, Chase, suffered a stroke when a blood clot from his leg traveled up through his heart and into his brain. When doctors were unable to dissolve the clot using medication, Chase underwent surgery to remove it. While the surgery was a success, it was just the beginning of Chase’s recovery. Moll and her family spent weeks in the hospital, doing whatever they could to support Chase and be there for him in his time of need. She says it was a very stressful and devastating time for her family.

From this harrowing experience, Moll learned several tips and solutions to make a hospital stay easier for family members and friends who are supporting a loved one admitted for medical care. Learn her six tips for surviving a hospital stay. 

Stool Squad House Call

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld make a Stool Squad house call to help a young woman suffering from itching "back there."

Treating Joint Pain
For nearly one in three adult Americans with joint pain, simply getting out of a chair can be a very painful experience. Dr. David Katz, chief medical advisor for Direct Digital, LLC, joins the show to discuss how joint pain develops and how a new supplement, Instaflex, is helping sufferers reduce inflammation and, most importantly, fight pain.

“It’s our joint that gives us motion,” Dr. Katz says. “It’s where bone meets bone.”

When healthy, your joints are lined with cartilage, which stabilizes the bones and creates proper spacing and cushioning. With injury, wear and tear and age, however, cartilage can be damaged, causing pain. Dr. Katz explains that a new supplement called Instaflex has been shown in clinical trials to effectively relieve discomfort, improve flexibility and increase mobility for people suffering from painful joints.

Dr. Ordon emphasizes that, “If you have an injury, or if your joint pain is accompanied by swelling, redness, tenderness or warmth around the joint, be sure to talk to your doctor.”

Food Pharmacy
The Doctors show you how to eat away your illness! Learn which foods combat a cough and stop your sniffles

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