The Multiples Show

Why are only some twins identical? Do triplets think the same thoughts? The Doctors answer all of your health questions about multiples! Plus, Dr. Travis Stork gets a crash course in babysitting … quadruplets! And, one of The Doctors gets impersonated by a twin sibling. Who’s the impostor?

Double Trouble
Learn why even identical twins may have slight physical differences, as The Doctors tackle top twin health questions.

One of these co-hosts is an impostor! Find out which of The Doctors has a twin!

Learn how "mirror" twins develop during pregnancy and how they differ from identical twins.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears details how physical differences in identical twins may occur.

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Dr. Travis’ Adventures in Babysitting
Ashley and her husband, Andy, are the proud parents of 14-month-old quadruplets Samantha, Braelynn, Wyatt and Rilie. Married for five years, Ashley and Andy had struggled to conceive and decided to try fertility drugs, ultimately resulting in a quadruplet pregnancy.

"My husband almost passed out," Ashley says, laughing, recalling the day they got the news of their babies.

However, the surprises didn’t end there. While she was pregnant, Ashley learned that she had thyroid cancer and would need surgery, as the cancer was progressing quickly due to the pregnancy hormones. After delivering four healthy babies, Ashley underwent surgery to remove 49 lymph nodes and her thyroid.

Now, fully recovered, Ashley is busy with the children while Andy is away on active duty. "It's a lot more difficult when it's just me here," she says.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork visits the family and offers to babysit, while Ashley indulges in a luxurious spa day. Watch as Dr. Travis learns just how hard it is to keep track of four adventurous tykes.

Raising Multiples
It’s a miracle … multiplied! The Doctors answer questions from parents of quintuplets and sextuplets.

Learn about intrauterine insemination, a fertility treatment that resulted in one couple's quintuplet pregnancy.

Watch the quints visit the dentist for the first time! Plus, learn the best ways to soothe aches and pains
from teething.

The McGhees appeared on The Doctors in February 2013 to discuss their sextuplets. Now, they have a question for Dr. Sears about seasonal allergies.

Triple Threat

Identical triplets Jordan, Miles and Lance take a women's health trivia challenge. Find out who's the real ladies' man.

Fertility 4-1-1
According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the birth rate for twins has increased by 76 percent since 1980. Between in vitro fertilization, fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination, which is most likely to result in a multiples pregnancy?

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross has the answer. Learn the difference between the treatments and which most increases your chances of having multiples.