The Doctors’ Holiday Health Special!

See how Treetopia transformed The Doctors' stage into a winter wonderland!

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Holiday Love Story
Joe, a medically retired U.S. Army sergeant, has spent most of his adult life in service to his country. After an honorable discharge from the Marines, Joe re-enlisted more than a decade later in the Army National Guard and was sent to serve in Afghanistan.

While Joe was escorting a convoy through the country, the Humvee he was in ran over an improvised explosive device, and the resulting blast launched him 30 feet in the air.

Joe awoke in the hospital and discovered that his body had sustained serious injuries. He suffered numerous broken bones in his left leg, and his right leg had to be amputated. Six years after the incident, Joe now spends 80 percent  of his time in a wheelchair.  "The pain is often constant and severe," he says.

Joe's girlfriend, Nicole, says he still maintains his independence. "Joe's spirit is so contagious. He's super-athletic. He just doesn't quit, and that is very attractive to me," Nicole says. "Not to mention, I think he's gorgeous."

Joe shares his inspiring story of courage in the face of tremendous loss.

Find out what Joe loves most about
Nicole's caregiving.
Plus, Joe shares a special message for men and women in uniform.


The Doctors surprise Joe and Nicole with early Christmas presents. Joe receives a state-of-the-art electric wheelchair and Nicole is treated to a holiday beauty makeover!

Nicole reveals her brand new look 
    just in time for a major holiday surprise from Joe!

Watch Nicole's reaction to Joe's surprise gift
! And,
see The Doctors' parting present for the remarkable couple.

Holiday Makeovers!
Lifestyle expert and radio host Moll Anderson is on hand to give two women enlisted in the Navy special holiday makeovers!

"I'm so excited to be here, because there is nothing more amazing than seeing a woman transform right before our eyes," Moll says. 

Meet Alayna and Jessica. How long have these two Navy enlistees been best friends?

Plus, see pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears in his unusual Christmas sweater!

Holiday Health Hazards!
From decorating accidents to foodborne illnesses, hospital emergency rooms see their fair share of folks whose holiday has taken a turn for the worse. The Doctors share four common holiday health hazards and give tips on how to avoid them this season.

The Doctors reveal the right and wrong way to put up your holiday lights, how to stay safe while sledding and how to avoid problems at the holiday buffet!

See the newest way to prevent kitchen cross-contamination
with the "Guru of Giveaways," Dr. Gadget!

• Do you remember this dare from childhood? Learn how to safely free your tongue from a frozen pole!

Does your Christmas tree leave you sniffling and sneezing?  Learn more about an unexpected holiday allergen that might be in your home!

Avoiding the Holiday Bulge
The average American gains three to five pounds over the holidays! Military specialist Kevin and wife Kathryn, an executive producer's assistant with The Doctors, enjoy working out together and cooking fresh foods. They turn to The Doctors to help them make sure that holiday stress won't derail their healthy lifestyles.

Kevin and Kathryn work out every day. How competitive are they?

Holiday Edition: Which is Worse? 

Which is worse for your eyes: sun reflection off the beach or off the snow?

Which is worse for your waistline: a glass of eggnog or a chocolate pecan pie smoothie?

Which appetizer is worse: cheese and crackers or deviled eggs?  

Get the recipe for the Chocolate Pecan Pie Smoothie!

Ask Our Docs: Holiday Edition!

Christmas carol overload? Learn what music does for your brain.

Splurging on cookies and candy this season? The Doctors share tips on how to keep your teeth sparkling white. 

Moll Anderson gives one Air Force veteran tips on how to find the perfect gift — and manage stress at the same time.  

What simple trick can you do at home to relieve headache and sinus pressure?
 Find out Dr. Sears' top toy pick this holiday season!