Armless Bodybuilder

Living without Arms

Barbie, 37, is a mom, motivational speaker and fitness competitor with an unusual talent: She does all her daily routines with her feet, after losing both her arms in a childhood accident. Learn why "can't" isn't a word in her vocabulary.

Pregnant Belly Law?
Most pregnant women experience it at some point or another: A friend — or even a stranger — asks if he or she can touch the pregnant belly. Although it may be a common occurrence, could it also be considered assault? A man in Pennsylvania was recently charged with harassment after he touched a pregnant woman’s belly against her wishes. While the law defines harassment as an action that has intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, it has rarely been applied to unwanted belly-touching of pregnant women. 

The Doctors discuss the case and ponder whether this should be a more explicit national law.

On the Clock with The Docs
Each doctor has one minute to answer a health question in their specialty.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork offers tips to lower blood pressure without medication.

Family medicine physician and sexologist
Dr. Rachael Ross explains
the benefits of
hormonal birth control

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon answers one woman's question about pain she's suffered since having
breast augmentation surgery.

The Doctors and USA Weekend

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A Healthy Prostate is a Happy Prostate

The Doctors discuss a surprising item that may increase men’s risk of developing prostate cancer : vitamin supplements! A recent study found that men who had the highest intake of antioxidants from vitamin supplement pills were 28 percent more likely to get lethal prostate cancer. While the study did not prove that vitamin supplement pills caused prostate cancer, Dr. Travis still advises both men and women to treat supplements as any other medication and be sure to inform your physician of any supplements you may be taking. He further recommends getting nutrients from real foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, and only supplementing when you’re low on a particular vitamin.

“Do not indiscriminately take supplements without discussing it with your healthcare provider,” Dr. Travis says.

Another important element in overall prostate health is getting regular prostate exams. Watch as urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman performs a prostate exam on Dr. Ordon . Has his prostate improved since his last exam?

Growing Up Cason

Christi, 42, and Dave, 46, recently welcomed their 17th child to the world! With ages ranging from just two weeks to 24 years, the Cason brood is just like any other family with all the same daily challenges — multiplied. From homework to housework, extracurricular activities and doctor’s appointments, Christi and Dave have their hands full, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. The family joins The Doctors to share what it’s like living in such a large family.

Christi and Dave talk
parenting tactics
with Dr. Sears.

Toilet Trouble
The Doctors talk to Courtney, whose video of her son, Holden, describing having a difficult time going to the bathroom, went viral. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears  offers advice  to keep Holden healthy and regular.