Ultimate Smile Makeover; The Doctors Help Save a Life!

A woman uses glue to keep her teeth from falling out — for almost 10 years! See her stunning smile makeover. Then, after carrying two babies to term and tragically losing them, one couple shares their emotional journey to have another child. Plus, how The Doctors helped save a former guest’s life.

Sticky Situation 

The high cost of dental insurance, as well as dental procedures, have caused some people to make a desperate attempt at DIY dentistry.

Kim — who has spent more than 10 years with loose teeth, painful gums and a damaged smile — is one of those people.

Kim's dental problems started when she was a child. At 8 years old, she knocked out both her front teeth and had to get two root canals. One of her teeth fell out again, when Kim was 17, but she didn’t have insurance or the money to afford more than a temporary fix. When her tooth fell out again a few years later, Kim turned to a substance known for keeping things in place, but never in your mouth: glue.

The Doctors surprise Kim with a smile makeover. See her amazing transformation!

Devastated by Loss 

When Jessica and Stephen first found out Jessica was pregnant, they say it felt like all their dreams had come true. But when they lost their baby, Ty, due to an umbilical cord accident in the womb at 37 weeks, it took an emotional toll on them and they struggled to decide if they wanted to try for another child.

Within a few months, Jessica was shocked to find out that she was pregnant again. Their son, Jacob, was diagnosed at 18 weeks with bilateral renal agenesis, a genetic disorder characterized by a failure of the kidneys to develop in the fetus. Jessica and Stephen decided to carry him to term, and Jacob was born by C-section on Sept. 5, 2011. He lived for two days before Jessica and Stephen lost him. His parents spent that time kissing, hugging and loving Jacob as much as they could.

“I like to say that my son held out to give us a little more time, because we didn’t get enough time with our first son,” Stephen says.

Hear the heart wrenching details of Jessica and Stephen's story.

Will Stephen and Jessica ever try to have another baby?

Click to see Jessica and Stephen's video project.

Doctors Help Save a Life

A South Carolina woman whose husband tried to find a donor kidney for her by walking the streets wearing a large sign recently received a kidney transplant. And they credit The Doctors for the lifesaving procedure.

After Larry learned that his wife, Jimmie Sue, had a kidney infection and needed a transplant, he did the unthinkable: Larry, who is 78, walked more than 50 miles through South Carolina wearing a sign that read, “Need kidney 4 wife,” and included his telephone number at the bottom. Many called, but a match still could not be found.

Larry and Jimmie Sue made a plea for donors on The Doctors , and now, there is a happy ending to their 57-year love story.

Gastric Surgery for a Toddler? 

An obese 2-year-old from Saudi Arabia is now the youngest person in the world to undergo weight loss surgery. After two prescribed dieting programs reportedly failed, the parents gave doctors permission to perform a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, which involves permanently removing a large portion of the stomach.

At the time of the surgery in 2010, the child weighed 72.7 pounds. Find out how he’s doing now and what The Doctors think of this controversial surgery on a child.

Dietary Supplement Dangers?

Health officials are advising consumers to stop using a dietary supplement called OxyElite Pro, because it has been linked to a rash of hepatitis and acute liver failure cases in Hawaii, among people who used the weight-loss supplement.

There have been 24 cases of acute non-viral hepatitis with a link to OxyElite Pro in the state, according to the latest case update from Hawaii’s Department of Health. Eleven of the 29 cases have been hospitalized with acute hepatitis or inflammation of the liver, two cases have received liver transplants, and one person has died.

As of Oct. 11, the FDA warned against using OxyElite Pro or VERSA-1, because the product contains an ingredient — aegeline — which “lacks adequate information to provide reasonable assurance of safety,” according to the DOH.

In light of the ongoing investigation, The Doctors discuss the ramifications of using diet supplements and reveal three things to look for that may indicate liver failure. Plus, find out the number one cause of liver failure.