6 Things Making You Fat! Lose Weight with Marie Osmond & Dan Marino!

Celebrity weight loss coaches Dan Marino and Marie Osmond help two married couples get their sexy back in The Doctors’ “Lose It For Love” Boot Camp! Then, six surprising habits that can have a negative impact on your health! Plus, tips to regulate your hormones, defy your age and more!

Unhealthy Habits 
From workouts to your choice in sleepwear, The Doctors share the top six habits that may be negatively affecting your appearance and overall health. 

The Doctors' "Lose It For Love" Boot CampTwo married couples go head to head to lose weight and rekindle their relationship in The Doctors' first ever "Lose It For Love" Boot Camp! Both couples have committed to making a change to become healthier and pass on better eating and exercise habits to their children. Each team has its own celebrity coach — legendary NFL quarterback Dan Marino for the red team, and world-renowned singer and actress Marie Osmond for the blue team — as well as a professional fitness instructor to help them on their path to a healthier, happier life.

Meet the competitors and their celebrity coaches , who have battled with weight issues themselves.

The Doctors will be following each team's progress throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates, and share your support

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Unforeseen Emergency
About a year ago, Casey started experiencing the all too common symptoms of acid reflux, also known as heartburn. She also found a lump in her abdomen. A few visits to the doctor's office later, and Casey had learned that she was pregnant and had a large soft tissue tumor, known as a desmoid tumor, growing in her abdomen. The tumor became intertwined with an artery that provided blood supply to her bowel and the placenta of the growing fetus, causing the mass to grow significantly larger. Casey and her husband, Jeff, made the difficult decision to end the pregnancy and start fighting the inoperable tumor. 

Casey and her husband join The Doctors to share their experience and raise awareness of this rare type of tumor .

Hormonal Imbalance
Michelle, 35, is the teleprompter operator for The Doctors. She says that over the last couple of years, she's started to feel more fatigued, has gained weight, has experienced decreased libido and trouble sleeping, and has noticed a change in the texture of her hair. She thinks she has a hormonal imbalance, but her doctor says it's just stress. She joins the show for a second opinion and tips to feel good again.

OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains that hormone function within the body is very tricky. "Changes in your estrogen levels have been linked to a number of things, not just hot flashes, but how our body processes insulin," she says. "When that is disrupted, it can cause you to gain weight, both superficially and even around your internal organs."

Holistic healthcare specialist and author of The Hormone "Shift" Dawn Cutillo adds that oftentimes women's progesterone will begin to convert to cortisol, which can lead to many of the symptoms Michelle has described. 

Michelle describes her symptoms and why she believes she has a hormone imbalance . 

Dawn and Dr. Ashton explain how hormonal imbalances affect the body .