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Real Housewives Real or Rumor
Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupa joins The Doctors to clear up the rumors swirling around her.

Joanna opens up about her marriage. Did she and her husband make a pre-nuptial sex contract?

Is Joanna BFFs with her plastic surgeon? She comes clean about the changes she's made to her body

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Suddenly Swollen

The Doctors explain when a sudden enlargement of a body part may signal a serious health condition . Find out when you should see your doctor.

New Treatment for Fat Reduction
Plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Perlman joins The Doctors to share a new, nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. The i-LipoXcell incorporates both visible red and infrared lasers to trick fat cells into releasing their fat, just as they would if you were exercising or feeling hunger. Results are seen immediately, with an average of one inch lost per 20-minute treatment. “You still have to diet and exercise to keep the weight off,” Dr. Perlman explains. “But within six to 10 minutes, the cells are 100 percent deflated.”

Dr. Perlman says that while regular liposuction is still a good way to reduce fat in the body, it is still surgery. This new treatment, however, involves no surgery, no recovery time and no pain.

“When combined with diet and exercise, the i-Lipo treatment actually treats those difficult areas and gets triple the inch loss,” Dr. Perlman says.

Dr. Perlman demonstrates the i-Lipo onstage. See the results after just one treatment.

Getting Rid of Excess Skin
Felicity, 31, has lost more than 100 pounds over the past two years by working out and eating healthy. Normally, a person would feel proud of such an accomplishment and want to show off their new physique; however, Felicity says she still feels like hiding due to all the loose, excess skin that remains after her impressive weight loss. She says the excess skin is uncomfortable, heavy and often becomes itchy and is prone to rashes. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon invites Felicity to the show for a consultation. “I’m excited,” Felicity says, “and happy that somebody cares and actually paid attention to me needing help.”

Felicity shares how her excess skin has affected her life

Dr. Ordon examines Felicity and offers his recommendations. 

Felicity says that she had received a consultation from a plastic surgeon previously, but that the surgeon recommended several procedures, and she felt overwhelmed. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks Dr. Ordon what a person should do in that situation.

“You should say, ‘Slow down,’” Dr. Ordon advises. “Start with what really bothers you. Tell them what you want done, and if that doesn’t work — if you don’t feel comfortable — then you need to get another consultation.”

Video Chat Face Lift?
In an age where speaking face-to-face via computers, cell phones and tablets is the new reality, some people are discovering that the ability to be seen at any time may not be ideal after all. Best friends Patrick and Tricia came to this conclusion while video chatting with each other after noticing physical features they didn’t like about themselves. Feeling as if they looked older than they really are, they both decided to undergo a new procedure to tighten their facial skin without undergoing a full face lift.

Plastic surgeons Dr. Michael Niccole and Dr. Burr Von Maur performed the procedures on Patrick and Tricia. Dr. Niccole joins The Doctors — along with Patrick and Tricia, who are one week into their recovery — to explain the Video Chat Lift procedure and how it differs from a full face lift.

Guilt-Free Comfort Foods
Do you wish you could eat your favorite comfort foods without the guilt? Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has the answer. She joins The Doctors to share her favorite low-calorie recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner from her new book
Hungry Girl to the Max! The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook . With simple ingredient swaps, Lisa shows you how you can cut down on extra calories without sacrificing taste. Try these delicious — and healthy — recipes today!

• Breakfast: Replace sugar-laden French toast with Hungry Girl’s Apple and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Nuggets.

• Lunch: Like tacos or pizza? Why not have both? Try Hungry Girl’s Taco-Topped Pizza!

• Dinner: For a healthier alternative to mom’s meatloaf, try Hungry Girl’s Southwestern Meatloaf.

• Dessert: Chocoholics rejoice! Hungry Girl’s Death By Chocolate Brownies are delicious, and only 174 calories per serving!

Three Nonsurgical Beauty Fixes
Hollywood beauty expert Kym Douglas joins The Doctors to share nonsurgical alternatives to breast augmentation, lip injections and cellulite treatments. Could they work for you?

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