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The Doctors are joined by gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez to discuss the latest health news and trends, and how they may affect you.

Lindsay felt pretty good while running her first marathon — until mile 19. “Then, I got that feeling in your stomach that something is going to happen, and something is going to happen soon,” she says. She confesses she didn’t reach a port-a-potty in time. The Doctors offer a game plan for how to hydrate and fuel up before endurance exercise to help avoid embarrassing bodily functions.

A recent study found that 75 percent of Americans admit to using their cell phones while on the toilet. Some of The Doctors fess up to toilet texting and bathroom browsing themselves, but E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork warns that germs can get on your phone and follow you beyond the restroom. Do you text on the toilet? See the results of The Doctors’ Facebook poll.

Diagnosing Mysterious Skin Bumps
When Kay was 18, she noticed a small bump on her face. Eventually, bumps spread across her face, concentrating near her eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Kay's mother also has the skin condition, and Kay has lived with the bumps for the past 16 years, too embarrassed to go to a doctor. But, the fear of passing the skin condition on to her children prompted her to reach out to The Doctors, who sent her to Dr. Rodriguez for a consultation .

"I'm afraid that one of them is going to have this, and they are going to experience all the pain that I've been through in my life," Kay says.

Dr. Rodriguez examines the bumps on Kay's face and refers her to dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee

Dr. Lee performs a biopsy to help diagnose Kay's skin condition, and help reduce the appearance of the bumps.

Kay's biopsy reveals she has Brooke-Spiegler syndromea rare skin disease that causes multiple benign tumors to grow from the hair or sweat follicles.

"Dr. Disgusting" Tackles a Hard Problem
Anne says she's always had extremely large and painful bowel movements. And, she says, she only has about three bowel movements a week. Anne visits Dr. Rodriguez, who asks her about her diet and offers tips to help her become more regular.

“You need preventative therapy," Dr. Rodriguez says. "You need to be on a high fiber diet, not just some days — every day. You need to drink water, not just once in a while — every day.”

Celebrate Women’s Health Week 
The Doctors and Women’s Health magazinecelebrate National Women’s Health Week! Sascha de Gersdorff, health and features editor of Women’s Health magazine, and OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton share the vital numbers every woman must know about sexual health.

7: The number of days it takes for birth control hormones to be effective in blocking ovulation and preventing pregnancy.
60: The percent your birth control is more likely to fail if you are overweight.
100: The number of strains of human papillomavirus, which is linked to cervical and anal cancers, and the reason you should get tested for HPV.
4: The number of yeast infections in a year that signals you should visit a doctor to see if the infections are being caused by another health problem.

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A Glimpse into The Future of Medicine

The Doctors, which recently celebrated its 1,000th episode, imagines what the future of medicine might hold.

Get a glimpse into the future, as The Doctors "tapes" its 5,000th episode! Plus, learn about an amazing device being developed that could keep the heart beating forever.

“Medicine is changing each and every day, but the one thing we do know is that living a healthy life, that will get you to older age better than anything else,” Dr. Travis says.

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