Hybrid Tummy Tuck

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More reason to cover your mouth when you're sick: New research shows that airborne germs from coughs and sneezes travel up to 200 times farther than previously estimated.

Health officials are warning the public about a surge in measles cases across the nation. Learn the signs and symptoms of the highly contagious respiratory disease — and the best way to stop the spread of infection.

Camouflaging Skin Imperfections

An online campaign called Camo Confessions is empowering men and women with skin disorders by helping them “blend in to stand out.” Created by Dermablend Professional, this uplifting campaign raises awareness about various skin disorders and reveals intimate confessions of how Dermablend has helped individuals "blend in" and camouflage their imperfections, thus allowing them to "stand out" for who they are and not for their skin concerns.

Cheri, who participated in the campaign, opens up about living with vitiligo, a pigment disorder that causes skin to progressively lose its melanin and develop white patches.

“I’ve always been really passionate about spreading awareness about this skin condition and letting people know more about it,” Cheri says. “My dad, actually, has vitiligo, and he’s had it my whole life. I’ve seen my dad go through it and how strong he is with it, and I feel like that plays a huge role in why I’m able to deal with it so well.”

Learn how you can share your own Camo Confession.

Hybrid Tummy Tuck
Elizabeth, 40, has been struggling to regain her pre-baby body for years. “I work really hard at staying healthy — eating healthy, working out. My body should match what I’m doing, and it doesn’t right now,” she says. “It’s just hard when you feel good about everything else in your life, and you just have this one thing that you wish wasn’t there.”

While researching surgical options, Elizabeth came across a new hybrid tummy tuck — a procedure that removes less skin than a traditional tummy tuck and tightens the abdominal fascia through a smaller incision, which results in a much faster recovery.

This video contains images of a graphic surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken performs Elizabeth’s hybrid tummy tuck surgery.

Elizabeth shows off her slimmer stomach!
Plus, Dr. Moelleken describes the ideal candidate for the procedure.

New Procedures to Defy Your Age
The Doctors share breakthrough procedures for taking years off your appearance.

This video contains images of a graphic surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised.

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Roy David helps one woman turn back the clock on her face with the “La Jolla Lift,” a procedure that tightens the jawline and eliminates sagging skin under the neck — without creating an unnatural look. See the dramatic results!

Wrinkly knees? Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates ThermiTight, a minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedure that uses radiofrequency-generated thermal energy to stimulate collagen and elastin to create younger-looking legs.

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Treating Port-Wine Stains
Tonya, 30, was born with a large, blotchy birthmark that spans from the top of her buttocks to the bottom of her feet.

Known as a port-wine stain, the vascular disorder is caused by a capillary malformation, which creates a dark red or purplish discoloration of the skin.

“Growing up with this condition has been very embarrassing,” Tonya says. “People stare, like I’m a sideshow. I’m not able to wear shorts, or wear a bathing suit. I’m not even comfortable in front of my husband.”

Tonya frequently experiences numbness in the areas most affected, and she worries that the condition could potentially cause paralysis. To help address Tonya's concerns, The Doctors sends her to gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, also known as “Dr. Disgusting,” for a consultation.

Dr. Rodriguez examines Tonya’s port-wine stain and tests the nerve sensation in her lower extremities. He then refers Tonya to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee for further evaluation.

Dr. Lee performs a cutting-edge pulsed dye laser treatment to reduce Tonya’s severe skin discoloration. Plus, see the surprises The Doctors have to help Tonya manage her
chronic condition.