Photo Helps Save Girl’s Sight

Should Women Who Give Birth to Addicted Babies Be Prosecuted?
The Doctors debate a new Tennessee state law that allows mothers who use illegal drugs during pregnancy to be charged with assault if their babies are born addicted, harmed or die as a result of the drug use.

The Doctors question why the law focuses on illegal drugs but not on alcohol,  which can have more long-term effects on the baby’s health. Could the law disproportionately target lower income women and minorities?

The Doctors say the solution should focus on providing resources to help the women overcome addiction and help them raise healthy babies, rather than on prosecuting them.

Woman Flaunts Her Body on Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood is known for its fit, thin and beautiful celebrities, so when Amani, who weighs 260 pounds, struts down Hollywood Boulevard in her bikini, she draws a lot of attention — some positive and some negative. Amani says she wants to show that it’s OK to accept your body, no matter your size.

“I’m not here to promote obesity. I’m here to say, ‘Yes, I’m an overweight woman, but I’m also trying to teach and emphasize self-love because you need that first, then the weight can come after,’” Amani tells The Doctors.

Amani acknowledges that her weight makes her morbidly obese and puts her at risk for health problems.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork applauds Amani for her confidence, but encourages her to lose weight to improve her health. He offers her three food prescriptions from his book, The Doctors' Diet.

• Learn more about The Doctor’s Diet.

• The Doctor’s Diet is published by Bird Street Books, Inc., which is owned by The Doctors’ executive producer, Jay McGraw.

Summertime Myth or Reality?

Can a common baking ingredient relieve the pain of a sting? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears sets the record straight.

Are you a mosquito magnet during the summer? Can a meat tenderizer bring relief for that annoying itching?

Facebook Photo Identifies Girl’s Vision Disorder
When Tara posted a cute photo of her 3-year-old daughter, Rylee, on Facebook, she didn’t expect the reaction she got.

“Within an hour of posting the picture, we received a message from one of my friends saying, ‘Hey, I noticed your daughter’s eye is glowing. It could be a sign that something is wrong,’” Tara says.

Tara took her daughter to a pediatric ophthalmologist, who did a vision test. When the doctor covered Rylee’s right eye, she said, “'Mama, I can’t see the pictures,'” Tara recalls. “At that point, I realized that she couldn’t see out of her left eye.”

A specialist diagnosed Rylee with Coats' disease, a rare condition in which the retinal capillaries break, leaking cholesterol into the back of the eye. The cholesterol causes the retina to swell, leading to detachment of the retina.

“We did catch it before she completely lost all vision in her left eye,” Tara says.

Tara shares her story, and Dr. Sears describes the signs that parents should look for that could indicate their child has a problem with their vision.

Dr. Travis demonstrates what causes Coats' disease and compares normal vision versus the vision of someone with the disease.

National Women’s Health Week
The Doctors and Women’s Health  magazine have teamed up to celebrate National Women’s Health Week. Women's Health magazine Editor-in-Chief Michele Promaulayko joins The Doctors to help officiate a food fight:

Flax seeds vs. chia seeds? Strawberries vs. watermelon? Feta cheese vs. low-fat cheddar? Which would you choose in a food fight for the most healthy food title? Learn which foods pack the biggest nutritional punch.

• The Doctors, Women’s Health, Facebook and Instagram called for your “healthies” — a selfie showing off what you do to stay healthy. See the photos you sent on Facebook and Instagram.

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Do you have bunions or corns on your feet? Podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine, author of My Feet are Killing Me, suggests the best pair of shoes for three women, who each suffer from a different foot problem.

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