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Ashes to ashes, dust to diamonds? You can have your loved one’s cremated remains compressed into a diamond and set into jewelry. The Doctors discuss whether the sparkling way to remember a loved one is cool or creepy.

A movie theater manager called the police after a man was caught red-handed smuggling strawberries into the show and refused to throw them away. The moviegoer argued that he needed the healthy snack because he is diabetic. The Doctors offer tips for how to eat healthier at the movies.

How Diet Pills Can Affect Your Heart
Laura’s dad had three heart attacks before she was 13, and later died from heart disease. Her grandmother, grandfather and several other relatives also died due to heart disease. Yet Laura, who is now 30, has put off going to a cardiologist to have her heart health checked. She recently tested her blood pressure at a pharmacy, and says the number “scared her to death,” so she reached out to The Doctors to learn how to lower her blood pressure and reduce her risk of heart disease.

Laura says she put off visiting a cardiologist, in part, because she’s worried that the blood pressure medicine she might be prescribed could make her gain five or 10 pounds.

“I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I was to gain more weight than I should,” she says.

Many Americans, especially women, are at risk for heart disease. One in three Americans has high blood pressure, and heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women. The Doctors recommend that anyone with a history of heart disease in their family see a cardiologist and learn about the lifestyle changes you can make to lower your blood pressure.

Watch as Laura visits a cardiologist, Dr. John Kennedy, for the first time.

The Doctors reveal Laura’s test results and challenge her to stop taking diet pills,
which can increase blood pressure.

The Doctors' Exclusive: Paper Dress Designer

Four-year-old Sydney has attracted a large social media following because of the elaborate paper dresses she and her mom create and post on Instagram. Now, she's using that attention to put a spotlight on potentially life-threatening food allergies.

Sydney was diagnosed with multiple severe food allergies, after she ate peanut butter for the first time, just before she turned 2. Since then, her family has made lifestyle changes to limit her exposure to peanuts and other allergy triggers.

“The dress making is a nice way that she has something fun, and she has something creative that she can do all the time, and I don’t have to be a helicopter mom,” her mom, Angie, says.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains some of the symptoms of food allergies.

Web Exclusive: Learn how Sydney got the nickname “Mayhem.”

Follow Sydney on Instagram @2sisters_angie

Ronnie Dunn's Not Done Yet
Country music icon Ronnie Dunn opens up about how years on the road affected his health.

“When you were young, you just sang. You didn’t think twice,” Dr. Travis says. “But, now, you are recognizing that everything, from allergies to just hard working on your voice, can cause you issues with your vocal chords.”

Ronnie talks about his latest success with his second solo album on his own record label

Ronnie explains how seasonal allergies affect his vocal chords and how he protects his singing voice.

Ronnie performs his hit, I Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes, and explains what inspired the song.

Shrink "Mommy Thighs"
Alex says that after having two children, she’s desperate to get rid of what she calls her “mommy thighs.”

“Every mom has a different part of them that changes when you have kids. For me, I’m doomed with the mommy thighs,” she says. “They are stubborn, and they don’t want to go away.”

Alex says she’s tried dieting, hiking, Pilates and yoga, but she still hasn’t
been able to lose fat from her legs.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and plastic surgeon Dr. David Halpern explain how a new, non-invasive laser treatment can work to reduce fat from your thighs or other problem areas.

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