The Big Secrets Colors Reveal about Your Health

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Scientists are researching what factors contribute to childhood obesity. One study found that children with authoritative parents are about one-third more likely to be obese. Another has found a gene that could predict whether children will become obese by their teenage years. The Doctors
discuss the findings.

Some schools are making morning-after pills and condoms available to students — sometimes without parental consent — in an effort to reduce teen pregnancy and STDs. “Parents worry if you give kids, teens, access to birth control, is that the green light to letting them rush out to have sex?” OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says. The Doctors weigh in.

Orange Could Signal Caution 

The Doctors look at what different colors can reveal about your health — and when you should be concerned.

"Usually, when [colors] tell us the most is when there’s an acute change," says ER physician Dr. Travis Stork. "If you’re noticing an acute change in your color, or your bodily fluid’s color — and you are noticing other symptoms with it — that’s when you go ahead and seek out medical help."

What is your tongue trying to tell you when it has turned an unusual shade of orange? The Doctors offer tips for keeping your tongue a healthy shade of pink.

Justin writes that he has noticed that the palms of his hands and soles of his feet have an orange tint. He wonders whether something in his diet could be causing the orange color.

Karen says that she’s had chronic sinus infections all her life and sometimes, her mucus can be tinged orange. She wants to know if she should be worried. Dr. Sears shares how to treat irritated membranes in the nose.

When Yellow
Warns of Danger Ahead 

When Michelle noticed her son, Joshua, had yellow-looking skin soon after he was born, doctors said it was jaundice and should go away soon. But when the yellow color seemed to spread and become more intense after a few weeks, Michelle knew the condition deserved more attention, and she took Joshua to the emergency room.

Doctors diagnosed Joshua with biliary atresia, which is a disorder in the liver drainage system. Dr. Sears explains that the bile duct that flushes waste products from the liver to the intestines doesn't form, and there's no place for the byproducts to go, creating a backup and enlarging the liver. Eventually, the liver fails, leading to death.

Doctors performed a Kasai procedure on Joshua to surgically bypass the blocked liver duct, prevent liver damage and delay the need for a transplant. Michelle was told the procedure had a 25 percent chance of successfully bypassing the liver.

"They did the procedure and immediately, you knew the surgery failed," she said. "They told us he had probably about two weeks to a month to live.”

Michelle desperately reached out to friends and family, including posting a message to Facebook, to try to find a liver donor.

 Michelle recalls her search for a donor, and describes what it was like to sit in the hospital with her son, not knowing whether she would be able to take him home again.

When Trinity, who recently had become a mother, saw Michelle's post on Facebook, she knew she had to help. Meet Trinity, and see how Joshua is doing now.

Going Green

 The Doctors are green with envy about the zen-like way one show producer approaches the stressful job of creating The Doctors television show. Learn his secret to remaining calm under pressure.

Green means go, but what if you go to the bathroom and find green stool? The Doctors explain what green stool can signal — at any age from babies to adults.

Not Always Blue Skies Ahead

Dr. Travis says his favorite color is blue but, “In the world of medicine, when patients are blue, typically, I become concerned.”

Should parents be alarmed if their crying baby turns blue? Dr. Sears explains what can cause a baby’s skin to turn blue, and when it becomes an emergency.

Have you seen a blue mark on a toddler’s skin? Dr. Sears explains how to distinguish between a bruise and a birthmark common in babies.

What are Indigo Children?
Children often have colorful personalities, but those described as indigo children might have heightened intuition, empathy and be highly intelligient. Meet Sandie, who says she’s an indigo child, and psychotherapist Julie Rosenshein, author of the book, Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child.

Purple Pee?
Family physician Dr. Rachael Ross describes what different colors of the rainbow – including purple – can mean in your urine.