Lies and Betrayals: Family in Crisis; Surviving a Killer Bee Attack

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The Doctors discuss the latest health headlines and trends.

Could eating five pints of coconut-based ice cream a day for four days help you lose weight? “If you think about it, this is the same stuff that people are making smoothies out of every day,” family physician Dr. Rachael Ross says. But, is an ice cream cleanse healthy?

Reports of people being attacked by killer bees have The Doctors asking: Do you know what to do when bees attack? Stacy McKenna of the Los Angeles County Bee Keepers Association explains what you should and shouldn’t do to survive a killer bee swarm.

Skin Growths
Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee joins The Doctors to help two women remove skin growths that they've been concerned about.

Dr. Lee  says you should see a dermatologist if a growth bleeds, grows quickly, changes color or just looks strange.

"If you are watching something at home and it makes you uncomfortable, go to a dermatologist, get it checked out," OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton says.

Kristen has a large mole behind her ear, which often gets irritated when she brushes her hair. Dr. Lee explains that she has cerebriform mole, which has a brain-like texture. Watch as Dr. Lee removes the mole.

When Jazmine had her upper ear pierced 10 years ago, it triggered a keloid scar. Jazmine has had it removed four times, but it has returned larger each time. Dr. Lee uses a new procedure to freeze off the keloid.

Spiritual Healing
Chuck and Francine say they have little emotional connection left in their marriage, and it’s affecting their health. Miles McPherson, senior pastor at Rock Church in San Diego, stages an intervention to help them restore their marriage.

“The most common thread with people whose marriages are strained is the couple stops serving each other,” Pastor Miles says.“They start living selfishly.”

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how bottling up emotions long-term can create chronic stress, potentially leading to diabetes, heart disease and early death.

“This just goes to show that family dynamic and physical and emotional health go hand in hand,” he says.

Pastor Miles helps Chuck and Francine identify the issues in their marriage that have pushed them away from each other.

Pastor Miles discusses how the power of forgiveness can help heal relationships and even lead to improvements in health.

Francine and Chuck’s son Ben joins his parents and Pastor Miles. Ben says he feels ashamed after his wife left him and has turned to alcohol and cigarettes, which threaten his relationship with his parents – and his health.

The Doctors identify health issues that each family member needs to address. Will they start taking the necessary steps to improve their health?

• Watch one of Pastor Miles’ daily one-minute devotionals called Miles A Minute.

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