Secret Food Ingredients; Insect Diet? Dog Saves Owner’s Life

Health Headlines
The Doctors discuss the latest health issues making headlines.

Ariana has sensitive skin that rises and becomes red, similar to hives, after even light scratching. See how she uses the condition, called dermatographia, to turn her body into an ever-changing work of art.

A British school for children with behavioral issues allows two 10-minute smoking breaks during the school day. Find out why The Doctors say the supervised breaks might not be a bad idea.

Bugging Out
Do waxworm tacos, locust pizza and chili-chocolate locusts sound appetizing? Those dishes are often on the menu for Peter, a scientist in England, who has been eating a bug-based diet in an effort to maintain a healthy weight and prevent heart disease. Peter advocates that insects offer a sustainable source of nutrients with less fat.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork compares the nutritional value of 100 grams of crickets to 100 grams of beef. He says the crickets serve up 121 calories, 12.9 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of unsaturated fat, while 100 grams of beef is higher in calories and contains saturated fat.

“The truth is I think you’re going to see more and more dishes out there. This is going to become less and of a novelty," Dr. Travis says. “You will, I guarantee you, see insect dishes appearing in America.”

“I’m telling you, insects are eaten throughout the world, and they are a sustainable source of really good calories,” Dr. Travis says, uncovering a cricket pizza and challenging his fellow doctors to take a bite.

After OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton struggles to eat pizza with whole crickets on top, she says she would try the insects if they were pureed, so she couldn't see their eyes and legs. Dr. Travis makes her eat her words.



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Food Babe Investigation
Vani Hari began to examine food labels closely and realized she was eating large quantities of processed foods. After making a radical change in her diet, she started a website to help educate Americans about the ingredients in the food we eat. Vani, who is known as the Food Babe, helped uncover that Subway sandwich bread contained a chemical that also is used in yoga mats, and called for Kraft to remove artificial food coloring from its macaroni and cheese.

Vani joins The Doctors and raises questions about why some U.S. foods contain chemicals that have been banned in other countries because they've been linked to health risks. She explains that some companies make alternate versions of their products without the chemicals to sell in other countries.

"What’s the cumulative effect of all these chemicals allowed in our food in a minute amount?" Vani asks. "Nobody is studying that. But our disease rates are continuing to rise."

Vani and The Doctors also discuss health risks associated with how you cook food, and the best ways to educate yourself about the food you eat.

Dr. Travis says, “The one thing I recommend everyone does: Don’t worry so much about those labels, which I even find misleading. Read the ingredients.”

Vani and The Doctors compare the ingredient list of a red velvet cake mix sold in the U.S. with one sold by the same company in the U.K.

A new study shows that frying and grilling meat could lead to dementia. Find out the best way to prepare your food.  

Food nutrition labels could be getting their first makeover in 20 years. Learn what the new labels will tell you and what they won’t.


Dog Shaming and Dog Praising
Veterinarian Courtney Campbell joins The Doctors to talk about the relationship between dogs and their owners.

 You've seen photos posted to social media sites of dogs with sad eyes and tails tucked between their legs after their owners caught them doing something they weren't supposed to. But do dogs actually feel guilty, and what's the best way to discipline them?

Hear how a German Shepard saved the life of his 80-year-old owner, Jack, when odorless and colorless carbon monoxide gas filled their house. Courtney explains how the dog might have sensed that their lives were at risk.