Inspiring Weight Loss Stories; Ask Dr. Rachael; Celebrity Health Scares

Building Relationships
Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork discuss the importance of building strong relationships, both personally and professionally.

The Doctors reveal how they make their patients feel more comfortable when discussing sensitive health topics.

Bar harassment: Do some men intentionally harass women, or are they just misreading the signs? The Docs weigh in.

The Doctors share their No. 1  relationship deal breakers. Plus, learn the health benefits of being in a good relationship.

Dr. Rachael in Action
The Doctors heads to Gary, Indiana to Dr. Rachael’s family practice to observe a typical office visit. Plus, it’s Ask Dr. Rachael! Learn when a bump below the belt could be a sign of something serious.

Meet Dr. Rachael’s patient, LaTonya, who recently underwent  surgery to remove a brain tumor. Plus, see how The Doctors helps her on the road to recovery.

 Michelle, 31, was distressed to find a large growth in her vaginal area. Dr. Rachael gets to the bottom of Michelle’s embarrassing problem, and shares tips to diagnosing bumps below the belt.

Time for a Change
The Doctors are joined by Mario, 31, and Eve, 27, who lost a combined 350 pounds after committing to living healthier lifestyles. See their amazing transformations, and find out what motivated each of them to make the necessary changes to their eating and fitness habits. Plus, hear their advice to others struggling with obesity.

Eve’s doctor told her she wouldn’t live to see age 40 if she didn’t change her habits.
Learn what finally motivated her to start eating healthier and begin exercising.

Hemophilia Awareness
April 17th is World Hemophilia Day. The Doctors are joined by Pfizer’s chief medical officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall and actress, writer and comedian Alex Borstein, who shed light on this rare and potentially life-threatening disease.

Hemophilia is a blood disorder in which blood does not clot properly, leading to spontaneous bleeding as well as excessive bleeding following injuries or surgery. The condition is caused by an inherited gene mutation that affects the body’s ability to produce blood clotting factors. The severity of the disease varies from person to person, depending on the amount of those blood clotting factors that the person is able to produce.

Alex Borstein opens up about how the disorder has impacted her family and how it even inspired her career!

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Celebrity Health Scares
Celebrity gossip expert Micah Jesse joins The Doctors to discuss recent Hollywood health headlines.

Celine Dion’s husband, René Angélil, is recovering from surgery that removed a tumor from his throat. Learn the symptoms of throat cancer, and find out if you’re at risk for the deadly disease.

Twenty-eight-year-old actor Frankie Muniz recently suffered a second mini-stroke. Dr. Travis shares the signs and symptoms to look for, and why stress may not be to blame for Frankie’s condition.